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"(Do you) mind if...?" vs. "Do you mind?"

“Do you mind if…?” is used to ask permission. It has the same meaning as “Would you mind if…?”

A: “Do you mind if I open the window?”     94 more words

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"I'm bored" vs. "I'm boring" (verbs + ed/ing as adjectives)

We can add -ed and -ing endings to certain verbs to make them into adjectives.

bore: bored… boring            interest: interested… interesting            amaze: amazed… amazing          excite: excited… exciting          annoy: annoyed… annoying… 182 more words

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"Hang up" vs. "Hang on"

This is an important difference to know when you need to make phone calls in English. Though both phrases start with “hang,” they have very different meanings! 93 more words

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What is the difference between Python and CPython?

I personally have a tendency of wanting to know everything, when I am reading a text on something new that I am learning about. So, every time I stumble upon something unfamiliar, I get slightly side-tracked by the fact that I have no clue what it is. 410 more words


"I prefer" vs. "I'd prefer"

We use “I prefer” (simple present) when talking about things we always or generally prefer.

For example:

“I prefer watching action movies rather than comedies. 111 more words

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"What do you do?" vs. "What are you doing?"

“What do you do?” means the same thing as “What is your job?” It’s short for “What do you do for a living?” Because English speakers are lazy, we just drop the… 96 more words

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Couture…what it’s really all about

Everyone has buzzwords in their field that make them want to gag and die. I’m pretty sure that registered dietetics are about to kill the next person that says… 440 more words