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3 Tips for Choosing Your Bathroom Mirrors

Selecting a bathroom mirror seems simple enough. Just make sure the glass isn’t chipped, shipping is included and you’re set, right? Wrong. With as many opportunities out there to be stylish -from subtle to bold patterns- choosing the mirror that will complete your bathroom dйcor should be thought out. 420 more words


Do vs Make

Do and make are two verbs that frequently confuse students.

We usually use the verb do when someone performs an action, activity, task or work. These activities do not usually produce something new: 400 more words


A very short introduction

Yesterday at work I surprised one of my colleagues, who is known for worrying and stressing about things. “I didn’t think anyone could worry more than I do!”, she gasped. 182 more words


Best Writer Websites

Don’t you just hate when you’re busy on your Pinterest page (procrastinating, as usual), looking for writer websites (you know, so that you can at least FEEL like you’re doing something productive), and you come across something awesome-looking, only to realise that it’s a dud? 514 more words