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Survey of Instructional Strategies- Module 6

Chapter eight in, A Handbook for Classroom Instruction that Works, touches on the concept of Identifying similarities and differences. Pitler and Stone (2012) make a great point when discussing this topic. 276 more words


Things I Took for Granted as an American Student

Dear fellow American students,

We are spoiled. I know that I’m just one person comparing the few experiences I’ve had with universities in America and international universities, but from my perspective we are living breezy. 355 more words

Study Abroad

Common Folks or Folks in Common

July 28, 2014

Dear Readers,

I have posted a version of the following post twice in the past 18 months.  Once here, and once on a previous blog site.  1,255 more words

Middle East

Standing Room Only

Yesterday, we had a bad storm that caused our power to go out. Not wanting to deal with cooking, my mom suggested that we go out to eat. 474 more words


I need people

Since I didn’t do a normal post on Saturday, I decided to do an extra post this week.

I have been reading some posts lately from autistic introverts and I have been reflecting on whether I am an introvert or an extrovert. 891 more words


Your Partner's Brain is Different

In a relationship between a man and a woman, certain things often cause disputes between the spouses. There are things that your partner always does that may irritate you. 129 more words


Between the USA and UK (college/uni)

I attended, as mentioned before, an international school that followed an American Curriculum for my entire life….meaning from kindergarten all the way to graduation. In the same school. 665 more words