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Real recognize real

My social skills suck monkey balls.


I needed to be that graphic. I need one to understand how bad they are.


I was already shy as a child. 862 more words

Exams, refreshers, and husky onesies.

Exam season is officially over and refreshers has begun. Instead of exams being before Christmas break, they were spread throughout a few weeks in January. That being said, it was nice to have more time to revise (study, for all you americans) instead of going through the exam and pre-christmas stress. 519 more words


the difference

A subtle difference exists between giving up and letting go. 
And perhaps quite often we mistake one for the other.


The Wordsmithery


it’s beautiful, you could do some cruising today
you can feel the moisture outside
going to be a scorcher
hot enough to fry eggs on car tops… 73 more words

Jeu des différences #4

Nouvelle semaine…

Yangon River VS Canal de l’Ourcq


High School Differences.

A topic came up in a writing group I’m a member of, and it got me thinking.

Someone asked how to get send out from class, and there were a lot of replies in the likes of “correct your teacher if they’re wrong”, and some replies that plays on clever/witty remarks. 1,315 more words



My geography teacher at school used to say (and I believe she keeps telling this up until now) that in USSR people were equal and, after a small pause, added: “equally poor”. 535 more words