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Opposites Attract

God made men and women with differences. We compliment each other’s weaknesses with our individual strengths. We serve in different functions in our union, which enhances our productivity. 402 more words

Union With Christ

I'veLearned; Diversity

I’ve learned another pet peeve….when people think they have to be exactly alike in order to like someone enough to develop a friendship. It’s the differences that have the biggest impact.

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No Place Like Home for the Owlidays


The Greathorne twins, Olivia and Owena, hatched on a beautiful May morning and looked right into the luminous eyes of their loving mother.  A hop or two back on the branch was their proud Papa. 2,246 more words

Coming Home

Either food heaven or food hell.

Finally, I think I understand the food issue here. Either, there is nothing to eat, or there is everything. Ok not everything, but let’s say pretty good food. 485 more words


Life goes on

My life in a different view.
I have had so many different thoughts about life lately. Especially about mines. What if I had wished everything changed? 102 more words


Since when has all self-killing became so frowned upon? Since when lighting a cigarette and praying that God takes your soul, is socially unacceptable.
We fight for equality and abolishing the differences between everyone, then why is this any different? 25 more words

Cuernavaca in Pictures.

Here are a few pictures I took when I first came to the town.  As you can see the weather is beautiful; a far cry from the smog of Chengdu. 17 more words