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Kristy's Great Idea

Martin, Ann M. (1986). Kristy’s Great Idea. New York: Scholastic Books

This is the first book in the Baby-Sitters Club series. The reader is introduced to Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey. 347 more words

Racial issues in English classrooms

APA citation: Kubota, R., & Lin, A.  (2009).  “Race, culture, and identities in second language education:  Introduction to Research and Practice.”  From R. Kubota and A. 404 more words

What's Right About Being Wrong, by: Frank Ferrante

Two recent coaching surveys* reveal similar trends – more senior managers want coaching and more of them want the coaching to focus on how to deal with conflict. 567 more words


Treatment of individuals: Equitable VS Equal.

Okay, so this is probably just my opinion- But something that really, really grinds my gears to an extreme scale, is when people say something along the lines of ‘everyone should be treated as equals’. 636 more words

Cookie Cutter People

What do we really want?

People say that the unique qualities of a person is what makes them special. They also make the statement that if everyone were the same, then this would be a boring world. 129 more words


The Carrie Diaries - Be who you want to become

Nella noia di qualche giorno fa mi è tornata in mente la pubblicità di una serie tv uscita l’anno scorso in America, The Carrie Diaries, la serie spin off di Sex and the City che racconta della Carrie Bradshaw teenager, ho guardato la puntata pilota…ed è stata la fine, come volevasi dimostrare! 377 more words

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