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UK Christian School Shut Down For Having ‘Discriminatory Views’ Toward Other Faiths


 By Heather Clark –  A Christian school in the UK is being shut down and another under scrutiny after investigators quizzed random students and found them to have “discriminatory views” toward others. 590 more words


Why Similarities are so Devisive

‘Of course we all believe the same really’ These words that seem so innocuous are the reason why so many Christians give up on interfaith work at the first hurdle (they may also cause problems for people of other faiths but I can only speak for Christians here). 423 more words

Different Faiths

Interfaith Relationships

I’ve thought a lot recently about the importance of your beliefs in relationships. This is due to the fact that I am in a serious relationship with a Jewish man who does not believe that Jesus is the messiah. 482 more words

The Value of Dialogue - just dialogue

There’s been an interesting shift in the interfaith world over the past few years. Whereas once interfaith activities were all about conversation and learning the call now is to action. 409 more words



So many people get so upset about our melting pot society and how things are changing. All things change like it or not.

One of the things that people get the most upset about is thinking that your faith/religion is being taken from you. 492 more words