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Cash in on Learning: Approaches to Working with Students from Poverty

I began my teaching career in St. Paul, Minnesota, at a magnet school for gifted students. My first thought about my first teaching assignment was that it would be one of the easiest jobs in the field. 1,103 more words

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Concept Attainment Model and Memorization

P2. Practice differentiated instruction.

Bruner’s article “Some Elements of Discovery” corresponds with Joyce et al.’s discussion about concept attainment. Both present an alternate approach to presenting a topic, giving teachers a plethora of tools for differentiated instruction. 364 more words


Review of Instructional Design Research

Well, I am right back to it with a bang! This semester I have begun my Technology-Based Learning Environments course by reviewing some research on instructional design. 542 more words


Standards-Based Report Cards: Four Ideas

My current school district is about to begin the process of examining our standards-based report cards, particularly at the elementary level. When I was made aware of this initiative, I had just finished reading… 1,077 more words



Definition: (noun) Hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases. Synonyms: cure-all, panacea, catholicon Usage: Stay healthy, for science is no closer to a nostrum than alchemy was. Discuss.

Teacher Observation: Sun Lesson

H2: Honor student access to content material. This standard refers to using multiple instructional strategies to address student academic language ability levels. It’s important that teachers differentiate their instruction so that students with different learning styles, abilities and languages can understand the content. 362 more words


Internship Post 7: Principle of HOPE Standard P2

P2 – Practice differentiated instruction. [1]

While I was in Elementary Math Methods and Content Methods this week, I began reflecting on how I differentiate for my ELL students as well as students who are not fluent in academic English. 563 more words

Principles Of Hope