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How well do parents know how learning happens in your school?

Parents often ask schools, “What are you doing to cater for my child?” Then in an effort to get something visible happening for their child, they may start to put pressure on schools to implement a ‘program’…a gifted program, a literacy program, a support program.  745 more words

Differentiated Instruction

Classroom Blogging:Is it worth it?

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As part of my major project for ECMP355 I have been seeking out classrooms to help them set up a classroom blog and enable them to get a sense of the positive aspects of technology in the classroom and the ideas of digital citizenship.   541 more words


Teacher Observation: Instructional Strategies (2)

P2-Practice differentiated instruction. The magic of teaching is that even though (for the most part) the content being taught doesn’t change, the students always will. To me this means that the same lesson can never be taught exactly the same way twice. 568 more words

Differentiation! Differentiation! Differentiation!

In class we have been talking a lot about differentiating instruction. In my practicum, I am in a language arts classroom. Occasionally I get to wander into the math and science classroom and take part in that class. 1,057 more words

Differentiated Instruction

Reflections on Method of Loci and First Project

These past two weeks have been filled with implementing our instructional designs and exploring the potential of a mnemonic technique called Method of Loci or M… 1,339 more words


My 4th and 5th week of internship

P2 – Practice differentiated instruction.

Teacher candidates apply principles of differentiated instruction, including theories of language acquisition, stages of language, and academic language development, in the integration of subject matter across the content areas of reading, mathematical, scientific, and aesthetic reasoning. 548 more words

Differentiated Instruction

Make It Count: Providing Feedback as Formative Assessment

I discovered a post on Edutopia today that I absolutely had to share within the principalaim community. How many times have you had to defend the merits of “good” assessments? 188 more words