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Hybrid Musical Classrooms

After reading part of Dr. Evan Tobias’ article entitled Learning With Digital Media and Technology in Hybrid Music Classrooms, I was able to make many connections between topics the passage discussed, as well as topics we have been discussing in our ASU classes. 808 more words


All the News That's Fit for the Classroom

A teacher at my daughter’s new school just told me about a fantastic, relatively new Web site for students that has incredible learning opportunities, and that he will be incorporating into his lessons.  376 more words

In The Classroom

Math Toolkits Part 2: Primary Toolkits

Primary Math Toolkits should be built over the year adding tools as they are introduced.  In the beginning of the year, start with the tools that were introduced in the prior grade. 79 more words

Mathematical Thinking

EDU 6542 - Meta Reflection

Throughout this course, I have learned much about constructing thoughtful, student-focused, differentiated lessons. Some of the concepts that have contributed to this learning are the backwards design model and teaching exceptional learners, both gifted and struggling. 830 more words

Meta Reflection

EDU 6524 Curriculum Development - Meta-reflection

When looking back on my previous bPortfolio reflections, I chose to focus on the following HOPE standards: O1, O2, P2, and P3. I reflected on these HOPE standards throughout the ARC program, which included periods prior to and during my student teaching. 1,439 more words


Thing #20: Blended Learning/Flipped Classrooms

EduCreations: (See my video here.)

When starting this thing, it was hard for me to figure out what I wanted to play with first. I have always played with EduCreations on the iPad and I knew that it could benefit my students in the classroom if I could film short examples for support at home. 1,228 more words

21 Things (Technology Integration That Works)

Understanding the Learning Process

Please remember that when children “learn too soon using a form other than the one they need” there can be grave damage to a child’s long-term academic and social emotional development. 27 more words