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Thing #20: Blended Learning/Flipped Classrooms

EduCreations: (See my video here.)

When starting this thing, it was hard for me to figure out what I wanted to play with first. I have always played with EduCreations on the iPad and I knew that it could benefit my students in the classroom if I could film short examples for support at home. 1,228 more words


Understanding the Learning Process

Please remember that when children “learn too soon using a form other than the one they need” there can be grave damage to a child’s long-term academic and social emotional development. 27 more words

Curriculum Design: Coursework Meta-reflection EDU6524

There are two overarching principles of the HOPE principles for the course Curriculum Design EDU 6524. The first component is O, which states a teacher should be able to offer an organized and challenging curriculum further defined to include appropriately challenging curriculum in the content area, which is aligned to outcomes and standards. 797 more words


DD Game (Describe and Draw)

Aim: reproduce a famous work of art.
Procedures: three roles in a group.
1. The Talkers: describe the picture, do  not use red words, body language or Vietnamese… 32 more words

Describe And Draw

Online Video and Audio Resources

I started this assignment by searching a variety of prepared video sites for “nouns.” We teach nouns in our first week of first grade and I thought it could be a starting point. 948 more words


My First Lesson--Inquiry Based Teaching and the Benefits it Carries with It

Inquiry. If this class has taught me one thing, it’s that inquiry style of education is the best and really only way to effectively educate. From the very beginning of class, we learned from Hattie (2003) that a teacher and his or her methods were credited to be 30% responsible for the variance in student achievement—the largest contributing factor. 999 more words