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Learner Differences and Guided Reading Groups

Reflective Post #3 (9/10-9/17)

Well, I did it! I had my first week of leading a guided reading group. I feel like it went as good as could be expected given the fact that I had never led a guided reading group, and the last one I was a part of was in my own elementary experience. 621 more words

Practicum (Fall 2014)

Think-Tac-Toe, a Fun Idea for Differentiating Instruction

This is a short post, just wanted to share this idea I found online.

I found this presentation on Think-Tac-Toe.  Students pick three things in a tic-tac-toe order to complete. 21 more words

Differentiated Instruction

Lesson Planning: Differentiated Instruction

This semester, I have the opportunity to be in an elementary school for two days a week. I was assigned to a fourth grade language arts classroom. 881 more words


Stepping Back, Stepping In: Ideas for Effective Helping

No matter how large their class is, or how many hours they have in a school day, most of the primary teachers I’ve met feel like they have too little time, too many kids, and/or too many different needs in their classroom. 722 more words


The Role of Higher Education Is Expanding

A former teacher by the name of Sarah Smith recently wrote an article “ liberal education dogmas for creating a generation of hopelessly ill-equipped teachers.” Smith points-out that, despite her degree in English, she chronically makes spelling and grammatical errors–and that she’s not alone. 511 more words

What is Learning – My Personal Journey

The focus this week in my Instructional Systems Design course is on models of learning and learning theories.  We have been asked to update our Personal Learning Theories from a previous course describing how it has changed since that course.  683 more words


Meeting the Needs of all Learners

Are you searching for effective ways to meet the individual needs of your students? If you are like me, you understand that the only way to meet students where they are is to differentiate instruction within the classroom. 46 more words