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7 Tips for Teaching Applied Students

I think it’s the fact that marks are due this week and I’ve been marking English stuff like a vandal, so this week’s post is a teaching post. 1,771 more words

Effective teachers will have successful students

There are many components that go into an effective teacher. Individually they all sound reasonable and easy to implement, but effective teachers weave these components together creating a strong connection and good base for the success of their different students. 719 more words




I am a 4th year education student at the University of Regina.  I am a post-internship student who is currently in the final semester of finishing up my degree.   48 more words


That Differentiation Thingie

Oh no! He’s going to talk about TED talks again. I love these things. I truly do.

In many of the Education textbooks that are required reading for my classes, there is a lot of talk about learning styles and learner profiles and learning labels. 1,035 more words

P2 - Practice differentiated instruction.

Due to the diverse skills and abilities that students bring to a core-level classroom, it is essential the teacher differentiate instruction to best serve the needs of these diverse learners. 460 more words


From a Different Angle

Martha (not her real name, even though there’s certainly nothing wrong with her real name) came into my band room, which looked suspiciously like a school auditorium, looking not too different from any of the other potential new high school band freshmen. 1,179 more words


Internship Post 9- HOPE Principle P2

P2- Practice Differentiated Instruction

Practicing differentiated instruction is crucial to being an effective teacher because it is one of the only reliable means of making sure that students of all ability are learning content. 353 more words