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Day 19

So who else has a three and a half year old that is only happy when things go their way?

This has been a tough vacation. 223 more words

Whiny Wednesday

Whiny Wednesday: “It’s too sunny.”

 (yes, she can still breath)


As you can see I am not crafty in any sense of the word. But this sad little cupcake sums up how I feel about Halloween; ugly, expected, and slightly annoyed. 439 more words

Keeping the Right Focus

It is funny (not in the “haha” sort of way) how much my daughter changes from day to day, sometimes even minute to minute.

Tuesday was an amazing day.  440 more words

Life hacks to raise difficult children

It’s not easy raising a difficult child because they are, well, difficult. Irregular sleep patterns, strange eating habits, over sensitivity to most sensory stimulation are just a few of the things we must deal with daily. 1,059 more words