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Parenting THAT school-aged child

If there was a parenting manual for the school-age kid, I always imagined it would go like this. Get the kid up, dressed and off to school after a good breakfast. 328 more words


Difficult child?

Some children are born difficult, but it’s not their fault. Find out how to deal with different child’s temperament.


I Hit Him

“Hanging on, You’re all that’s left to hold on to.”

-U2, Red Hill Mining Town

I hit my son.

Something I never thought I would do. 1,249 more words

Kids/ Parenting

Halloween part II

Did I mention how much I hate Halloween? Well, I do. I would love to post a picture of my kid in her costume in front of the house of a neighbor who went way overboard on scary Halloween decorations, but I don’t have one. 486 more words

Whiny Wednesday

Is it Wednesday again!? Sheesh. This whole time-flying-by stuff is getting ridiculous

“Are the cookies done yet? Are they done? Are they done now? Now? I think they are ready.”

Whiny Wednesday

I know, it’s Thursday. I also know having kids makes me busy and tired and forgetful. But mostly just tired. So here are two Whiny Wednesdays. 20 more words

When Did It All Begin?

November 16, 2009.  Birthday.  OK, maybe not at birth.  Some time passed before we realized our child wasn’t “normal”.  What was different?  All of these are observations from 6 months old or earlier.   298 more words

Sensory Processing Disorder