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and as the light struck the bottom of the violet leaf ...

… it struck the bottom of the glass where it lay in its rack …

… and it was beautiful, too.


glass on the table

That same day there was a glass on the table, and it too filled with light. As you might imagine, it was a very hard day to concentrate. 44 more words


I Enter A Silvered Plane

One of the odd things
communicating via a mirror is
you never quite see each other
except as
that laterally inverted virago.

This time I see something… 32 more words


Imaginative Spaces Exercise 2.7

Notes and Research

Observations have been made on the distorting effect of a wide angle lens in earlier exercises, in particular how they can exagerate relative size when very close to the subject.  288 more words


Best experiments - Electron Diffraction - Davisson Germer Expr. 1927

Davisson-Germer Electron Diffraction Expr. 1927

In 1927, Davisson-Germer at Bell Labs USA confirmed Broglie’s hypothesis. They fired electrons at a crystalline nickel target and the resulting diffraction pattern was found to match the values predicted by Broglie formula… 927 more words

Doble Slit Electron Diffraction Expr.

Some Resolution Test Images

Is diffraction really a big deal in all situations at f/16?

Resolution is probably the most tested and discussed property of camera-lens combinations, yet usually either the test, the conclusion, the discussion, or even all of them is flawed in many ways. 231 more words

Digital Camera Technology And Science