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How do you make a one-photon-thick beam of light?

There is no such thing as a one-photon-thick beam of light. Photons are not solid little balls that can be lined up in a perfectly straight beam that is one photon wide. 472 more words


Refraction and Dispersion of Light

In this post, we go right at the heart of classical physics. It’s going to be a very long post – and a very difficult one – but it will really give you a good ‘feel’ of what classical physics is all about. 5,717 more words


Euler’s spiral

When talking diffraction, one of the more amusing curves is the curve showing the intensity of light near the edge of a shadow. It is shown below. 1,149 more words


Angstrom Advanced ADX-2500 X-ray Diffraction Instrument

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Angstrom Advanced ADX-2500 X-ray Diffraction Instrument is designed for application in the microstructure measurement, testing and in-depth research investigations. With different accessories and the corresponding control and calculating software, ADX-2500 is a diffraction system appealing to the practical requirements in many fields. 477 more words

Angstrom Advanced

How does diffraction make a tree's shadow blurry?

Diffraction is not what makes a tree’s shadow blurry. The shadows of trees, buildings, and other outdoor objects are made blurry by the fact that the sun is an extended light source. 957 more words

Earth Science

Frosting Light Diffraction Patterns

When looking at the sun through the frost patterns on the windshield of my car on May 4, 2014, I saw a well-defined yellow and red corona. 111 more words


Cámara Pinhole Varifocal

Figura 1. Click on the image for a larger view

En el post Wheehamx Polaroid Pete 1st test! del blog de Jesús Joglar se muestra una serie de imágenes tomadas con una cámara estenopeica ( 1,059 more words