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Diffraction and the Uncertainty Principle (I)

In his Lectures, Feynman advances the double-slit experiment with electrons as the textbook example explaining the “mystery” of quantum mechanics. It shows interference–a property of waves–of ‘particles’, electrons: they no longer behave as particles in this experiment. 4,091 more words


Bricolage, Diffraction, Shifting Focus: Metaphors for PQR Methodology - Guest blog by Martin Willis

I start from the assumption that human subjectivity is complex and manifold. As such it cannot be adequately accounted for by any single research method. Therefore, I made an early decision that I would adopt a plural methodology for my PhD research exploring nurses’ experiences of moral distress. 853 more words


Starry Eyed

Dear Students

Today’s post is all about physics and astro-physics – but don’t run away yet!

After all, the post title is attractive, isn’t it? This is what starry-eyed, metaphorically speaking, looks like: … 93 more words


Rain, Bowed

The Sun is up,
It’s calling me.
Open your eyes and you will see.
It vaults it’s light
For us to be,
Mere beams diffracted… 131 more words