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5 Simple Secrets To Sharper Photos

Article by Rick Berk

Many factors play a part in image sharpness, not the least of which is the lens.  Most of us who ever pick up a camera judge our images, at least in part, on overall sharpness.  604 more words


Forced perspective

With a camera you can easily make a ten-minute walk last two hours. Those who have taken shortcuts with me and my camera before know that they have a tendency to become major detours. 774 more words


Red sky in the morning.....

I may not make much (read: any) money from athletics, but there are certain perks to it. I get to meet cool people, I spend every day doing something that I love, oh yeah, and theres the travelling. 1,127 more words

Pole Vault

Patterns of Anonymity/Diffraction


Often, in the kaleidoscope of my life
I stop and look at the scattering light.
I see tiny hexagons
as peepholes.

When I bend over and look through them, 242 more words

Poetry - The Antidote To Life

Nikon D4 y Otras Cuestiones

La aparición de un nuevo modelo de cámara provoca siempre expectación en relación a qué mejoras aporta respecto a sus predecesoras y sobre todo, cómo afectan a nuestro trabajo como fotógrafos. 3,410 more words