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Using dig, whois and ping to query DNS data?

What is Dig?

Dig is a networking tool that can query DNS servers for information. It can be very helpful for diagnosing problems with domain pointing and is a good way to verify that your configuration is working. 1,148 more words


My Dog needs a Godmother

I keep having a recurring dream where I am in someway locked away or taken away, without a chance to say goodbye to my love bug, let alone secure a stable home for her. 638 more words


Research Reading II

This evening when I arrived home from work I had a key in my mailbox. That meant that I had a package, and I was sure I knew what it would be. 321 more words


Digging the Wounds of Our Past

From the nicest of persons to the nastiest we all have wounds that were inflicted by our past. When we talk about some of them we say, “I wonder how he survived, we thought he was never going to make it” and to some others we say, “he had such a great childhood, whatever happened to him.” The one thing we forgot though is that no matter the social environment all of us in our quite spaces we are dealing with personal ghosts. 686 more words

My Thoughts

I guess I don't Need a Gym.

In order to prepare something to look forward to doing in early spring I have sequestered a piece of the garden for my own means;  it is a small area of maybe 4 metres by 2 metres, and I have double digged (dug?) it. 133 more words