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My Experience of Gluten Intolerance

I’ve posted a lot about Coeliac Disease and Gluten Intolerance, but I haven’t actually explained my experiences of how I found out my body couldn’t digest gluten, so here goes. 398 more words


Why Test for Heavy Metals?

First of all, how do we end up with concentrated amounts of heavy metals in our bodies? There are various sources…mercury amalgams (tooth fillings-silver), fumes like gasoline, other petrochemicals, air pollution, our food and water, excessive use of aluminum (pots and pans, deodorant, canned foods) and paints containing lead and or mercury. 1,172 more words


Common Digestive Problems

Digestive system is probably one of the most comprehensive systems in the human body. Hence, there are a number of problems that can affect one or more part of the digestive tract. 472 more words

Digestive Problems

How good and bad gut bacteria can affect your health

The Star Tribune this summer explored the topic of intestinal bacteria and its relationship to health. The newspaper ran an article featuring Greg Plotnikoff, MD… 118 more words

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Miracle Oil

I have been using a large quantity  of medication over the past few years and have decided to do some research on Natural remedies that might give some sort of relief for IBS and that does not cause any harm to the the other organs as you all know if it good for one thing it damages the other like my poor liver. 168 more words