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Digging a Hole

Today I dug a hole.

That’s not a metaphor, I actually dug a hole.  In the ground.  Not being a fast digger, I had plenty of time to think. 483 more words


Second Holy Land Trip - Twenty Fifth Day - Last day of digging

Today is my last day of digging.  Tomorrow I go to Tel Aviv to get the Egyptian Visa, and then Eilat to stay a night. 206 more words


Writing Journal Entry, 52


“You are not an artist simply because you paint or sculpt or make pots that cannot be used. An artist is a poet in his or her own medium. 808 more words


Mountain Landscape: Mount Ida

Emergency Services
There are not any. So do not have an accident. And if you do, pray for a speedy end on the mountainside. It will be less uncomfortable than the fate that awaits you in most clinics.

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The burial of a dog

The ground wouldn’t cooperate.
Shovels and steel spit clawed
at dry soil and rocks.
The earth was resisting
like it didn’t want the paws
and the tail… 132 more words


A new trench bed (pics of process & first spinach crop)

I so believe in building a trench bed to improve extremely poor soil before planting seedlings.

A trench bed is like a compost bin, dug into the ground and consisting of alternate layers of fresh green ‘live’ organic material, brown ‘dead’ organic material, fresh manure and soil. 443 more words

Urban Food Gardening