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Greetings, my friend...

We are all interested in the future, because that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives….


Kissing Digital Frogs in the New Normal.

These are great days for talented digital folks. Most companies want successful lead gen campaigns as they continue to allocate more dollars to the wonder world of digital. 537 more words

Hank Blank

More Shine

Another still from the same music visualisation project.



A still from a music visualiser/abstract animation piece I’ve been working on lately.


El manto celeste es nuestro lienzo

La comunicación instantánea resultó ser uno de los mejores negocios de los últimos años. Si no lo creen, pregúntenle a los creadores de WhatsApp, aplicación que revolucionó a los equipos celulares a tal nivel, que ahora existen varios servicios que son copias “mejoradas”, las cuales también han logrado ingresos millonarios. 221 more words


Blue Jay Soup

New on the menu and at selected restaurants near you: Blue Jay Soup. As one of the new additions to our Cranberry Chutney, head over to sample these fresh flavors! 30 more words


Virtual Life

Drifting through the waves of the web, careful you don’t drown in there…