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Kissing Digital Frogs in the New Normal.

These are great days for talented digital folks. Most companies want successful lead gen campaigns as they continue to allocate more dollars to the wonder world of digital. 537 more words

Hank Blank

Why Agencies Should Fire Bad Clients.

I received an email blast today from Advertising Age about Cramer-Krasselt resigning the Panera Bread Account.

The article leaked an internal memo saying that the Client Was Too Much even in this crazy business.  685 more words

Hank Blank

How Agencies Can Get More New Business in the New Normal

I could have called this article Does Your Agency Have Vision or Passion or Leadership?  What most agencies think is vision is a positioning line. Vision isn’t copy.  505 more words

Hank Blank

How to Hire A Great Creative Director in the New Normal.

I know many creative people because I like hanging with creative folks. I meet them when they are on the beach, when they are working or looking for new work. 662 more words

Hank Blank