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What I Have Learned By Talking to Clients.

I talk to a fair amount of clients. It’s fun. I have a large network and get connected to them when they have needs and pain points. 630 more words

Hank Blank

What I Learn By Visiting Advertising Agencies.

I like speaking to AAF and AMA Chapters. I have spoken in Amarillo, Fort Worth, Louisville, Jackson MS, New Orleans, Great Falls, Duluth, Biloxi, Mobile, Norfolk, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Little Rock and other spots like Nashville, Louisville, Omaha, Lincoln, and Tucson to name a few. 514 more words


Learning the 5P's of Marketing in Buenos Aires

I remember studying Marketing in College. It was all about the 5 P’s. Not sure if they teach the 5 P’s any more. I still keep studying though and I have learned a lot about marketing in Buenos Aires and my Spanish is worse than rudimentary. 728 more words

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Dear Digital Agencies: It's Time to Drive a Mobile-First Strategy for Brands

Disconnect Exists Between Brands and Agencies on Mobile

We’re at a watershed moment for brands. The smartphone is now the first screen in our lives, yet mobile has been a real challenge for marketers. 756 more words

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A race to the middle in India

Interesting insights into Indian Management Consulting practice by B J  Richards, am reproducing his blog here


By B.J. Richards

The Indian consulting market, far more than most others, has a pretty dramatically polarized service offering. 465 more words