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Tree Tales

The Tree tells tales of his travels & travails.

- Here I met Saint Evergreen and dined on bird-song soup and misty dawns. I danced with Sister Breezes in the Valley of Summer & waltzed with the Sisters of Snowflakes at the Lodge of Winter Solstice. 102 more words


Cartoon Craziness Challenge - a Thing, redux

I’m cheating again. I actually do have an idea for a mythical being, based off the comments on my last blog post, but I’d have to be a hell of a lot drunker than I am now. 49 more words


Fire Lion (Redux)

Amidst burning ruins
the lion defiantly leads

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Dining at the lake -- 8 images

On another quick trip into Geneva yesterday we spent a half hour or so on Île Rousseau again. Once again I was reminded why I try never to go anywhere without a camera with me. 175 more words


s p a c e b e t w e e n


because jellyfishes are awesome.
my golden dream is to have them at home in an aquarium. but professionals said that they are hypersensitive. and im almost sure i wouldnt be able to take care of them, even cactuses are dying around me. 176 more words


Fun with digital painting

I’ve gotten active again on my deviantART account, playing with their version of a paint program. Pretty fun, definitely want to do more and see if I can improve on my skills. 20 more words