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In My Dreams

Drawn in black ink. Colored in Photoshop.


Digital collage experiment

Digital art is an interesting concept. I am a total novice of course, having only recently explored some of the possibilities with Photoshop – I yearn to have a wonderful tool like an iPad and the fabulous art software, ‘ArtRage’ or some of the other, equally exciting tools that are available. 279 more words


Neander-Selfie (with 9 sec. video)

Procreate, the iPad drawing app, is chalk full of features.  I may have whined about that already. Actually, I’m learning some new techniques, e.g., smudging. 60 more words

Digital Artwork

Digital Drawing on Photographs

I have a little more to share about our trip to France, but for now, here’s a little artwork.

On a recent flight from Boston to Charlotte, I took a break from reading and started fiddling around with an app (Adobe Ideas), drawing on some of my photographs. 79 more words



Euphonic. For a larger version and print, please click the image.

I’m in tune with the right vibrations in the universe when I’m in the process of working. ― Louise Nevelson

Karen Gadient

Numerical Snapshot

I’m just a few posts shy of 200 here at portfoliolongo.com.  I never imagined back in early November 2013 that I’d be looking at a couple of hundred posts in nine months!   29 more words

Digital Artwork

Art for a Cause: A New Beginning for Liam

Since so many people (quite unexpectedly for me) loved the tree silhouette artwork in the previous post, I thought I’d offer it in a special way. 167 more words

Karen Gadient