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A Hackable Hi-Fi Audio DSP

Audiophiles tend to put analog systems on a pedestal. Analog systems can provide great audio performance, but they tend to be quite costly. They’re also hard to tinker with, since modifying parameters involves replacing components. 153 more words

Digital Audio Hacks

Beach Buddy is a Boombox, Phone Charger, and Sunburn Warner

When you venture out onto the beach for a day in the sun, you’re probably not preoccupied with remembering the specifics about your sunscreen’s SPF rating—if you even remembered to apply any. 176 more words

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Adding Bluetooth And A Lightning Connector To Beats Pro Headphones

Not wanting to wait for Apple to step up their game and complete their purchase of Beats headphones, decided he wanted his own pair of Apple-compatible Beats cans with Bluetooth. 125 more words

Digital Audio Hacks

Party Ready Mini LED Volume Tower

There are many very cool visual effects for music, but the best are the kind you build yourself. mini LED volume towers adds some nice bling to your music. 125 more words

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MIDI And Vintage FM Synthesis

Before the days when computers could play and record audio that far surpassed the quality of CDs, sound cards were very, very cool. Most audio chips from the 80s, from the Commodore SID is pretty much a synth on a chip, but you can also find similar setups in ancient ISA sound cards. 114 more words

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