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Raspberry Pi Remote Audio Link

In broadcast, lots of people are still using dedicated analog lines to connect remote sites. These operate like old telephone systems: you call up the operator and request to be patched through to a specific site. 132 more words

Digital Audio Hacks

DIY Bluetooth Boombox Can Take a Beating!

Looking for a nice portable audio solution that can take a beating outdoors? This RaveBOX (v1.0) might be what you’re looking for!

is a 15 year old high school student from the Philippines who loves making things — in fact, he has a collection over 40 Instructables that he’s written himself to share with the world. 157 more words

Digital Audio Hacks

From Wireless Soundbar to Portable Boombox

had wanted a portable Bluetooth boombox for a while, but when he did some price comparisons he found that they are pretty expensive. He decided to take matters into his own hands and modify two products he already had –  186 more words

Digital Audio Hacks

SoundCube: A Companion Cube that can Talk

The Enrichment Center likely disapproves of the SoundCube: a portal music box in the form of a Portal Companion Cube. finished this project a couple of years ago, but we’re glad he’s finally had time to give a rundown on the details at his blog. 129 more words

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Vintage DACs And A Raspberry Pi

Before the days of iPod docks in every conceivable piece of audio equipment, most devices were actually built very well. Most shelf top equipment usually came with well designed circuits using quality components, and late 90s CD players were no exception. 200 more words

Digital Audio Hacks