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Taking Great iPhone Photos of Your Kids

It wasn’t long ago that when you were expecting your first child, the first thing you did was run to the closest big box electronics store to purchase a new digital camera. 533 more words

Family Photography

Some test photos taken with a new camera

When I was traveling in September, I did a very careless thing and dropped my camera (a Canon Powershot ELPH 130) on the ground in Paris— it was on and the thing landed smack on the edge of the lens. 194 more words


What's In My Photography Bag?

As a fledgling photographer I tried to operate on a modest budget, basic necessities plus a few optional extras, I hope this shows that even on a rather modest budget you can get on with photography and hopefully, the same as me branch out to the daunting world of DSLR’s and interchangeable lenses as I grow in skill I’ll update my bag as I get more and more confident, right now the technology isn’t my limitation in taking good photos, it’s my eye and skill with the camera itself. 245 more words


Digital Media Over the Years

1814- Joseph Niepce took the first photo it took 8 hours of light exposure to make a picture

1837- Louis Daguerre created a camera that only took 30 minutes to develop 1841- William Henry Talbot made the Calotype Camera that allowed you too have several copies of a picture… 121 more words

DIY Single Pixel Digital Camera

wanted to build a digital camera, but CCDs are expensive and don’t respond well to all wavelengths of light. No problem, then, because with a photodiode, a few stepper motors, the obligatory Arduino, and a cardboard box, … 202 more words

Digital Cameras Hacks