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Safe web surfing and preserving your right to do so

While doing a web walkabout through many bookmarked sites, I was reminded of the constant change the internet is experiencing and how important digital literacy has become while surfing the web. 432 more words

Digital Citizen

The main characteristics of an ideal DLC

Keep these tips in mind when choosing the right Digital Learning Community. 137 more words

Digital Citizen

Three steps to a better online presence

In today’s globalizing media landscape, the internet has become the main platform for communication in the 21st century. 739 more words

Digital Citizen

Introducing St Dominic's Secondary School Ballyfermot's TY blog- TickTalkwithNavySocks

The TY digital media module affords students the opportunity to produce a transition year blog. The Digital media class discuss their vision for the blog and agree on the key areas, topics and events that would be most appealing to teenagers to follow.This module offers a great diversity of experiences for the students and develops some life-long skills such as designing, decision making skills, planning skills, team-work skills, how to work to deadlines, privacy management, creative thinking, digital literacy and how to be a responsible digital citizen. 26 more words


Piloting New Tech

The prompt for today’s blogging challenge is to write about a piece of technology I’m hoping to incorporate into my curriculum. I’m not a classroom teacher and don’t have a curriculum to follow, so I’m going to adapt this post. 313 more words