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jEZ'(RE): Celtx

If you read the previous post announcing my noble quest (…don’t remind me) then you know what the point of this post is, if not… 357 more words

School Shit


..is a funny thing. Black (African American) / White (Caucation) whatever / Native American, male / female segregation bull shit…(shit.. lol)… it’s stupid.

So, poverty should be looked at like this: what kinds of people are in poverty; what skills are not useful; what does the community need or not need; etc… 13 more words

Digital Citizen

So, I failed the class again...

…I mean, seriously… but, whatever. This whole debacle has me thinking—that’s what you wanted isn’t it?) about what it really means to be a digital citizen; like, what skills do I posses that can assist others. 371 more words


What Your Students Really Need to Know About Digital Citizenship

Teach your students about the “9 Key Ps” of digital citizenship as you help them acquire both proactive and experiential knowledge of the online world.

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WEB2.0 For Education

Participate 2.1.1 Collecting Reputable Digital Resources Quest

Safe web surfing and preserving your right to do so

While doing a web walkabout through many bookmarked sites, I was reminded of the constant change the internet is experiencing and how important digital literacy has become while surfing the web. 432 more words

Digital Citizen

Participate 1.1.3 Ideal Digital Learning Community Quest

The main characteristics of an ideal DLC

Keep these tips in mind when choosing the right Digital Learning Community… 137 more words

Digital Learning Community

Three steps to a better online presence

In today’s globalizing media landscape, the internet has become the main platform for communication in the 21st century. 739 more words

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