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Digital Citizenship: It takes an iVillage To Raise an Online Child

by david ryan Polgar Nearly everyone is using the Internet today, but are we using it correctly?

A digital citizen is someone who not only regularly uses the net but does so in an… 516 more words

Mediating Media: Twitter Timeline on Fleek!

As you know, when it comes to the bluebird platform Twitter, it’s all conversing conversating with the people you wished you knew in real life. It’s about following and being followed. 536 more words

Digital Citizen

Education Premise: The Internet Is a Pit of Evil ..... I'm In

300 fingers all pushing keys! I may faint. I’m worried the internet is filled with monsters trying to get to my students. Type one wrong .org and students can be exposed. 270 more words

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2014 Recap: 15 Top Resources On Digital Citizenship

A lot of the facts you teach your students will be long forgotten by the time they reach graduation, but the hope is that the practical lessons — the ones that can benefit them for years to come — are the ones that will stick. 90 more words


Part Two. Here’s a Question. Is it time to redefine what it means to be a Nation.

Part Two:

Right:  In this post lets look at the question from a different angle, and I have to say that there are so many components to this subject that it is difficult to stay on one track at any given time. 1,414 more words

JEZ'(RE): Picfull.com

Agh cute it your playing around. Basic Editing; filters and such. Can’t save a file. Share to Facebook, twitter or email.

NOT RECOMMENDED: Meh. There are better choices.


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