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My Advice: Caitlin, Megan, Jessica, Katherine and Patrick

Last week my students and I said our final good-byes to the last of our college interns in Kindergarten.  During this year I have had the pleasure of connecting and working alongside 5 amazing, collaborative, engaging and inspiring people who have challenged my thinking, supported my students and have been open to being transparent in their practice which has led to some deep, reflective conversations which have benefited all students. 597 more words


Recently, I was reminded of the importance of understanding childhood development, and how it applies to social media and digital citizenship. Our children, particularly our adolescents, are heavily engaged in social media during a crucial time of physical, emotional, and mental developmental changes. 748 more words

Big Ideas In Education

Digital Citizenship, Ethics, and Netiquette for Everybody, Including Pigeons

The first time, yes, the very first time, that I saw the term “digital citizenship,” I had to take a moment and reflect, a-la-Brookfield Critical Reflection style (Brookfield, 1998), on what the implications of the two words individually, and together, might have for me, as a future adult educator. 689 more words

It’s Elementary: Responsible, Ethical, and Shrewd Digital Citizens

Project tweet announcing this blog post.

The Digital Citizenship link will allow you to download a PowerPoint presentation intended to convince elementary school leadership and staff to adopt digital citizenship curriculum in order to teach appropriate, responsible, and creative digital citizenship. 894 more words


Kulture Magazine - an original ad project

Throughout this course I have been able to explore the various ways technology, and our relationship with it, has impacted society. The way people communicate with each other today is often either interrupted by technology, or possible because of it. 939 more words

Media Psychology

Digital Literacy-Week of April 14th

This week we are completing the following:

1. Finishing our digital citizenship Touchcasts & uploading to YouTube

2. Finishing the Digital Citizenship magazine

3. Writing your blog post (missed from last Friday) 9 more words

Digital Citizenship