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iMessage rearers it's ugly head again

So, with a new set of iPad users, all of which are struggling to gain dominance and work out the pecking order in their cohort, comes the influx of the online social networking in the form of iMessage.   38 more words

Cyber Strategy Portal

Monday (tuesday) message. Apr 22

When the moon’s been red / and the world is bright with light / will the earth go green


How do you weave thoughts about Earth Day, a continued emphasis on mental health and many other immediately pending priorities into one focused message? 413 more words

Digital Citizenship is Minimal Requirement - We Need Digital Leaders

Digital citizenship is a topic that is gaining a dizzying momentum.  The range of tools and environments continue to pop up at rates that far outstrip our ability to understand the new territory, much less navigate it. 281 more words


Safety First

In the world today, nothing is private. Anything can be found on the internet. Information on people, files, records, accounts, etc. The only thing you can do to have privacy is to watch what you post. 101 more words

Digital Citizenship

#OSSEMOOC 20140422

Our April 22nd Tuesday night discussion will delve into the topic of Digital Citizenship.  In consideration of today’s technology enabled learning environments, and the connected lives our students lead this is an area of increasing importance. 59 more words