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Digital Citizenship Is Important For All

We are now living and learning in the digital age and there is something lacking in a lot of educational settings.  We use digital resources, we post online, we have students traversing the highways of the internet and yet we do not address the ways in which we should behave when online and how this can impact us.   615 more words

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Digital Citizenship


What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship is usually defined as the “norms of behavior with regard to technology use.” It encompasses digital literacy, ethics, etiquette, online safety, norms, rights, culture and more.In qualifying as a digital citizen, a person generally must have extensive skills, knowledge, and access of using the Internet through computers, mobile phones, and web-ready devices to interact with private and public organizations.People characterizing themselves as digital citizens often use IT extensively, creating blogs, using social networks, and participating in web journalism site. 351 more words


iPad Tips and Tricks

Handy for those parents and teachers in need of controlling their students’ iPads.

The iPad has many hidden secrets. Most of our students know how to hide gaming apps from our teachers and parents as they walk up to them. 336 more words

Digital Citizenship

Book Series for the Digital Age

Over dinner this week, a friend asked if I knew anything about the Corwin Connected Educator Series. I didn’t but I was intrigued by what she told me so I went online and discovered an interesting list of books recommended within this series. 216 more words

GAVL - Active, Balanced, Open-Minded Citizenship

Participate 1.1.1 Character Traits Quest

This is my first post in a series—and such posts will be labeled GAVL—to complete the online training offered by the Georgia Department of Education and… 978 more words


Social Media at its Best

Much like a crayon or magic marker, Social Media mirrors the thinking and creativity of the user.  Some people can take a few simple crayons and create astonishing works of art! 390 more words

Ice Buckets, Social Media, and Social Identity

The power of social media is amazing. According to Forbes.com, almost 16 million dollars have been donated to ALS research since July 29th. Compare this to a meager 1.8 million raised in the same time period last year. 654 more words