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I listened, you were there. I spoke, you left.

How much longer

Can I survive

This faceless reality?

I am moving towards 1 week completely free on logging on to FaceBook. I will admit, I did access the webpage today only to bathe a classmate in the glory that is… 247 more words

Games and education: The good, the bad and the triforce

So I have a couple of learning difficulties.

Not in the way that most people construe those words to mean,(I don’t have problems acquiring knowledge due to mental health issues or a seriously debilitating disability). 949 more words

Television Isn’t Falling, It’s changing.

Originally published 15th November 2013

I was reading the fantastic Miro magazine and I stumbled upon a piece by the wonderful Adam Carver The Fall of Television in which Adam explores what he believes to be the decline of television as a medium, the superseding of broadcast television in the shadow of the growing streamed media behemoth. 312 more words

Under the Bridge: Online Identity and Internet Trolls (TW:misogyny, rape and violence)

Originally published 12th November 2013

Sherry Tuckle says ’The life practice of windows is that of a de-centred self that exists in many worlds, that plays many roles at the same time.’ 725 more words

Digital Culture

A Few of my Favourite... Websites for Blog Inspirations

I’ve always tried, with varying degrees of success, to keep my posts on this blog fairly varied, based anything around internet that I can think of! 376 more words

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'The Groupies' by Baron Wolman

Groupies, the original fangirls – dedicated and devoted to rock stars. In the 60′s rock photography legend & chief photographer at Rolling Stone magazine, … 197 more words