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Abstaining From FaceBook

For me, only after 12 hours, this abstinence has proven to be somewhat difficult. I have discovered that the main reason for this and my extreme FaceBook usage is due to the fact that I am taking many hybrid classes. 466 more words

Slidecasts to be (killed) Discontinued

After the turn of the year, on February 7, Slideshare announced through its blog that slidecasts are going to be discontinued. Slidecasts are presentations uploaded to Slideshare that are synched to a MP3 audio file. 507 more words

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Micro-celebrities and Social Media

Recently, in my ‘blog on blogging,’ I replied to a comment (from the lovely Bitsphere) on how professional bloggers need to be more, well, professional and perhaps less spontaneous. 445 more words

Social Media

Blogging Archaeology: Future Goals of Blogging

This is the fifth and final entry in a blogging carnival that Doug Rocks-Macqueen, of Doug’s Archaeology, started back in November last year.  Just another quick recap: the whole idea of this blog carnival was started by Doug after he saw that the  2,331 more words


On The Phone

These cartoons from The New Yorker by Liam Walsh are lampoons of today’s phone culture.

We can’t help looking down at our black rectangles, can we? 62 more words

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Critical Digital Studies: A Reader

Critical Digital Studies: A Reader is about technology and society, from the potential of digital devices to shape the ways in which we understand the world and communicate with one another to the yet-unexplored implications of technological innovations — mobile media, cloud computing, social networking, 3D printing, drone technology — for both illuminating and, perhaps, sometimes constraining the human condition.  74 more words

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Web Womanism

Last semester in my Digital Culture course, I created a “Multimedia Project” on Black Feminist online communities. What I really like about the page that I compiled is that it has been proven to continue to be relevant. 81 more words