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In A Room Alone

One might think that in the world where everyone feels overexposed and overstimulated, people are craving peace and quiet. Spending time alone with one’s own thoughts seems like a treat in a whirlpool where everyone and every gadget put a claim on one’s time, privacy and solace. 539 more words


A look back

As my New Media Literacy course wraps up for the summer, I would like to take the time to reflect upon three major topics that I found very interesting, but that should be made aware to everyone to better our future. 416 more words


Vine versus Instagram - the ongoing debate

My dissertation tutor (I guess, former tutor, since I’m now graduated?) recently linked me to the results of a study comparing Vine and Instagram video, since Instagram videos featured heavily in my dissertation work. 288 more words

Social Media

Facebook, Its Unsurprising Lack of Ethics, and Its Monopoly on Social Media

In mid-June, this article was published detailing the data of a psychological study conducted by Facebook. The kicker is that the participants in Facebook’s study had no idea they were participating. 728 more words


6 Fascinating Ideas From The Connected World Conference

Last Friday the MRS held its first Connected World conference – a social media research event with a difference. Though the attendees were social media researchers and clients, the speakers were almost entirely drawn from outside the research business. 865 more words

Brian's Grab-Bag

What Happens When Digital Cities Are Abandoned? Exploring the pristine ruins of Second Life and other online spaces

I stand at the junction of several dusty, well-traveled roads. Passersby hurry through, chattering and laughing as they make their way from the city looming in the distance to the north, along the paths to the southeast, which branch out as the land grows less dense, winding through lakes and forests. 206 more words


Flushed Down the Series of Tubes

This excellent article on The Atlantic sums up something I think about often. While I was never a heavy user of the Prodigy system, I had used it before, and I remember it fondly.  323 more words