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Steam's New Face: Curate the Curators?

Barely days after Steam shows its new face it’s become apparent the curators are the new emerging power in the game of discoverability. This early on Valve is probably standing by to see what should be done in response, but trends can already be seen. 661 more words


Steam's New Face: Distribution And Indie Trends

A little over a day into this brave new world of Steam curation and I’m already seeing interesting developments and observations come about. It’s really opened my eyes in terms of how the indie game market has operated compared to the traditional AAA game market. 870 more words


Nintendo Europe Announces New In-Store Digital Software Distribution Service Across Various Retailers

Nintendo of Europe has given consumers a new and more convenient opportunity to purchase downloadable versions of Wii U and 3DS games at retail stores. Across the UK, Ireland and Germany, Nintendo has developed a distribution platform to revitalize game sales at retail outlets, which will allow consumers to purchase digital games via a tablet-based system. 129 more words


The Digital Debate

An assessment of digital distribution in gaming – Part One

Prabhvir Virdi, 07 September 2014

For a while now it has become apparent that the gaming industry is attempting to move towards a digital only existence, whereby the old box on a shelf model that has existed for as long as I can remember will at some point become no more than a memory. 997 more words


The Coffee Break. 6 September 2014.

Hello folks;

Same rule applies: out early and will be dated as such.

Generally I do not publish a whole lot on the weekends but I figure I might as well release the post as I have a couple of things to just rant on and on about: let us begin. 737 more words


AAA Game Download Sizes Are Getting Out Of Hand

Two years ago I did a blog post worrying about the expanding file sizes of games as we move into an increasingly digital age. Looks like I was right. 1,089 more words