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How does Secret Studio®, LLC deliver #freedownload music, legally?

To download the complete album, Uncle Lee Night Night Music, you only need to click on the link below, save and unzip.  There is no signup.  358 more words

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How a Marketing Stunt Failed and Made the Case for Legal Free Downloads

Last September 9th, accompanied by much buzz, mostly purchased by one of the largest corporations in the world, U2 released its latest album ‘Songs of Innocence’ on iTunes. 457 more words

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Documentary: Jamie Meltzer

  Not so long ago there was a monolithic distribution model. People bought tickets to get into a theatre. Soon after television was an option, then cable, then streaming. 681 more words

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Is #GeneSimmons Right? Is Rock Dead? What is the real effect of #digitalmusic distribution? #whitepaper #musicbiz #publishing

Publishing Independent Artists – Barriers to the Future of Music

By: Lee Altman, Member, Secret Studio, LLC & John D. Pellegrin, Esq.

January 9, 2015… 2,641 more words

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Keeps getting better

Day 2 in Los Angeles was even better than the first. I went to four different entertainment companies, from studios to video games to theme parks. 279 more words

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Digital Distribution and Streaming Services – The Impact of New Consumption Models on the Music Industry

Technology has changed the world – from the invention of the wheel to today’s digital economy. The Internet and the growth of mobile technology have changed how we work and play, how music is recorded, produced and distributed (Riches, 2012). 459 more words

Indie Games That Got Delayed To 2015

There were quite a few really off-the-radar indie games I was looking forward to in 2014, and basically none of them made it out that year. 1,056 more words