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Indie Game Radar: Environmental Station Alpha

I think I’ve stumbled upon another indie game that’s of higher quality than its current level of visibility justifies. Only a handful of well-known gaming sites have mentioned it, it’s supposed to be out this year, and already has a demo available. 533 more words


The Digital Debate (Part Two)

An assessment of digital distribution in gaming – Part Two

Prabhvir Virdi, 17 October 2014


Is Digital Distribution Anti-Consumer? – The Negatives

Taking things to the extreme, and imagining a world where physical games are no longer created, what would we actually be missing out on? 1,501 more words


Positioned For Millions, Inc, USA - KVZ Music Ltd.

The US record label Positioned For Millions, Inc. has been exclusively signed for worldwide distribution by KVZ Music Ltd.

KVZ Music Ltd. – Vienna Office

KVZ Music

Benefits of Video Marketing ~ https://www.facebook.com/getvideostore

If you’re having trouble convincing your marketing team, business partners, clients, boss or even yourself that online video marketing is worthwhile, then read on.

1. Video is where your customers spend their time.  1,018 more words

Digital Distribution

The Value Of Midnight Launches

After stating how rarely I buy games at launch or at full price, it’s not hard to assume I even more seldom go to midnight launches anymore. 802 more words


Steam's New Face: Curate the Curators?

Barely days after Steam shows its new face it’s become apparent the curators are the new emerging power in the game of discoverability. This early on Valve is probably standing by to see what should be done in response, but trends can already be seen. 661 more words