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Is Retail Holding Back Modern Game Development?

If you look around gaming websites right about now, a hot topic is the prevalence of big AAA games launching with significant problems. One of the more underlooked websites — … 979 more words


Taylor Swift and Spotify

‘Taylor Swift Speak Now- Pittsburgh’ by Ronald Woan licenced under CC BY 2.0

The music industry has rapidly changed since it’s origins, this is largely to do with the widespread of digital distribution- which includes the streaming of music. 311 more words

Music Industry

Do We Have To Have The DRM Talk Again?!

Basically every argument I could give on DRM for PC games has already been repeated many times, and this crap persists. Admittedly we’re probably a long way from big corporations getting past this, but I think it’s still worth lamenting. 1,057 more words


B2B Marketing Trends for 2015 in Infographics

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Is It Me Or Are Demos Rarer Recently?

So my Halloween “activity” was pretty much just playing the Evil Within demo that Capcom released on Steam in a surprisingly timely manner. More than anything else this brought to my attention how few demos we’ve had for AAA games on the new consoles or PC in the last year or so. 653 more words


Nintendo's Digital Distribution Makes Surprising Leaps (...For Nintendo)

For something like 10 years now Nintendo has been the butt of every conversation about video games and online infrastructure. I’ve sometimes been in defense of the ideas behind what the company is trying to do, and with recent efforts you have to admit they’re getting better, even if there’s one glaring issue left they need to resolve. 759 more words


Q&A: Wild Bunch's Vincent Maraval Unveils Pan-European Digital Distribution Company

PARIS: Building on its experiment with Abel Ferrara’s “Welcome to New York,” Wild Bunch is launching a pan-European digital distribution company.

Following the footsteps of  TWC/Radius, A24 or IFC Films in the U.S., the Paris-based studio will acquire fresh movies for digital distribution in key European markets where it’s already established: In France (with Wild Bunch and Wild Side) Germany (with Wild Bunch Germany and Senator), in Italy (with BIM), in Spain (with Vertigo). 722 more words