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Nnenna Nwakanma is from the ‘Internet’. She has deep professional experience in ICT and Development field; having worked with the African Development Bank (AfDB), Helen Keller Foundation (HKF), the Global Digital Solidarity Fund (DSF), the Diplomacy Institute and the African Information Society Initiative (AISI). 870 more words


Two-thirds of Americans can access 100 Mbps broadband

According to a recent blog post from the NTIA (National Telecommunications & Information Administration)…

Considering wireline and wireless technologies together, the slowest broadband speeds are nearly ubiquitously available, and access to very fast broadband (over 100 Mbps) has now reached two-thirds of Americans.

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Digital Divide

The UnSmartphone Chronicles, Week 1, with bonus readalong update

I finished the second installment of David Peace’s Red Riding quartet, Nineteen Seventy-Seven, this week. It became quite gripping plotwise in the last third, with the two narrators meeting and working out various puzzles. 1,255 more words


A small mistake but telling in what it reveals

Labour, like most parties, is making use of social media this election. David Cunliffe, the current Labour Party leader, has a fairly strong Facebook presence and when he posts there is a coterie of fans who lap up his comments. 235 more words


Facebook Pilots Free WiFi For Students' Homes In The Backyard Of Its NC Data Center

Just as the FCC has approved a plan to invest $2 billion into U.S. schools to improve WiFi, Facebook is taking a step to improve WiFi for students in their homes. 378 more words


Writing, reading, and a trip across the digital divide

I’m still mostly on blog hiatus, but when you have a social life online it’s hard to pull the plug completely. At least it is for me. 1,126 more words


Hopelessly Inquisitive

The representation of class conflict in The Master (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2012) is focused on Freddie Quell –  the man who is “hopelessly inquisitive” (but lacks the sufficient means to reach success). 665 more words

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