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Digital Divide: Latino and education groups praise FCC's proposed funding boost to modernize E-Rate, increase internet access

from the Latin Post

“The lack of affordable or accessible Internet directly affects many low-income Latinos. While Latinos have been statistically shown to own smartphones at a disproportionally high rate compared to the average American, studies published as recently as 2013 looking at home broadband access via computers show that only 53 percent of Hispanic families have that kind of Internet access — nearly 20 percent behind the national average.” 7 more words

Modi: India will lead, play role of 'Visvaguru' to world

SUVA (FIJI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said India would play the role of ‘Visvaguru’ or teacher to the world and would use the strengths of its democracy and young population to benefit mankind. 573 more words


Libraries and Technology Centers – Places of Access and Innovation: #MNBroadband Conference

I can only be in one room at a time so for many of the breakout sessions, I’m just going to be able to post the info that was shared with me. 36 more words

Digital Divide

What is this digital divide?

When I first came upon this notion of digital divide I really had no clue what it is all about. So I looked into my good old friend google definitions for some help, it states that” A digital divide is an economic and social inequality according to categories of persons in a given population in their access to, use of, or knowledge of information and communication technologies (ICT)”      (Google,definitions). 119 more words


Accelerating Impact with Technology: Building Skills, Confidence, and Community: webinar notes

I attended an interesting webinar sponsored by the NTIA yesterday – Accelerating Impact with Technology: Building Skills, Confidence, and Community. They highlighted broadband adoption programs. Here is the official description: 467 more words


Digital Divide caused by Virtual reality and oculus rift

The theory Digital divide describes a gap between those who have regular access to information technology such as computers and the Internet. It also describes those with the skills to make use of those technology and those who do not, given that they are from the same geographical area or community. 258 more words