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Week 4: The Digital Divide

This week found me exploring the world of infographics. What is an infographic? Simply put, an infographic is a visual representation of information. To put an infographic together, is however, not so simple. 424 more words

Digital Divide/Digital Inequality

Click here to view my digital divide/digital inequality presentation

The way that I look at creating and presenting a multimedia presentation has changed greatly after completing this artifact. 530 more words



Although I didn’t include this in my presentation, I wanted to make a special mention for those students whose pictures were used for my Digital Divide presentation. 39 more words


The Digital Divide at Northrop Grumman

Hello Readers,

This digital divide presentation project was an opportunity to showcase something I am already quite adept in: Multimedia Design. I haven’t worked with slideshows in a long while, so it was refreshing to use the medium and work with the graphics and sound. 143 more words


Infographic, a great way to engage students.

This week, I have been engaged in creating an infographic, that visually represents the issue of a digital divide. I have never used this type of presentation and it was important to research, not only the content I was going to include on my infographic, but ‘how to’ make an informative visual aid for readers. 183 more words

Digital Divide / Digital Inequality

Over the last two weeks we have been investigating Digital Inequality and I have found it to be both fascinating and enlightening.  By creating a presentation in a way I have never done before I have been really challenged and outside my comfort zone. 538 more words


Digital Divide/Digital Inequality

Creating and completing the survey was a task in itself. Once I had the information, it took some time to set up the charts to interpret the data.   393 more words