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Digital Divide

A digital divide is defined as an economic inequality between groups, broadly construed, in terms of access to, use of, or knowledge of information and communication technologies (ICT). 520 more words

Digital Divide

Astra Taylor — Open Systems and Glass Ceilings:  The Disappearing Woman and Life on the Internet

The men were certain they did well, while the women were wracked by self-doubt. “Not a single woman among all our female study subjects called herself an ‘expert’ user,” Hargittai noted, “while not a single male ranked himself as a complete novice or ‘not at all skilled.’” As you might imagine, how you think of yourself as an online contributor deeply influences how much you’re likely to contribute online.

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Libraries and Broadband: Urgency and Impact – public hearing on April 17

Happy National Library Week! To celebrate I was going to invite my co-working coffee shop friends to shoot me ready reference questions – or maybe just shush a few people, then I found something even better – a public hearing on libraries and broadband. 545 more words


Bridging the Digital Divide

When reading about the digital divide, I immediately think about schools and how students today use the internet for most basic information. As a college student, I use the internet for research, fact checking, and even for communicating with professors. 228 more words

The Digital Divide

This week being week four, our task was to create an infographic and a wordle on the topic of the digital divide and then comment on any differences and similarities of other students infographics in our course. 188 more words

The Gigabit Divide

We all know what the digital divide is – it’s when one place or demographic has broadband when those nearby do not. The term was originally coined after DSL and cable modems came to urban areas while rural America was left with dial-up access. 686 more words

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