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Week 4 - The Digital Divide

Not everyone has the opportunity to participate in the digital world, nor will they have the same comprehension of technology (Howell, 2013). Only eighty-six per cent of households in Australia have Internet access. 245 more words

Rural Britain's Internet

Our Bianca Reisdorf authored an article on ‘The Conversation’ about her current research project.

Outside the cities and towns, rural Britain’s Internet is firmly stuck in the 20th century


Comments And Opinions

Chiu wants S.F. to seize openings to lay Wi-Fi cable

San Francisco officials have long dreamed of a citywide free Wi-Fi network but so far have only been able to offer public Internet access at select locations such as parks and the airport. 301 more words


Week 4 - The Wordle on the street about the Divide


Did you know that only 30% of the worlds population use computers and the internet.

Some may ask how can this be?

The digital divide is the term used to describe this gap between those who are digitally included and those who are not digitally included. 193 more words


The great digital divide...

Last semester I took a course on Curriculum Design and one of our texts emphasized the importance of integrating technology into the curriculum.  There is no doubt a digital divide between students in low-income communities and their suburban counterparts.   1,198 more words


International look at digital inclusion

After two years of working in digital inclusion and a year working in international development I have thought extensively about working with ICT professionals in Jamaica to assist in using my skills and experiences as part of the diaspora and a person with real heritage to assist in economically developing the country and the region in general. 325 more words

Digital Divide

A structured approach

As an experienced digital inclusion professional, I would ask myself what do I need to consider, when creating a strategy, which would provide a service but attempt to encourage digital engagement. 162 more words

Digital Divide