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Using Technology in Your Classroom: Digital Security and the Digital Divide

If we think about how much we use the digital world we can begin to understand how important it is to both keep our online identities safe, and to consider the fact that not everyone has the technological privileges we have. 304 more words

Using Technology In Your Classroom

Welcome to the Digital Divide

For years, the digital world seemed to be just up ahead; a futuristic place that existed beyond our dreams and over a mountain, like a rainbow. 333 more words


Why #Ferguson broke out on Twitter, not Facebook

I’ve been following the protests in Ferguson closely since the shooting of Michael Brown was first reported. I have multiple stakes in this case, not the least of which is that I’ve lived and worked in St. 1,482 more words


BYOD: Closing or Causing Digital Divide?

The discussion on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has once again taken off in Finnish media. Should the schools provide all needed devices for primary and secondary education, or should the kids use their own gadgets? 464 more words


Week 2 - Digital divide

Digital divide indicates unequal access to digital technologies due to a number of factors, including socioeconomic reasons (household incomes), governmental factors, internet accessibility, geographical locations, cultural and age factors. 400 more words

Digital Divide