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A Sad State of the Business.

It’s astonishing that a premiere VFX studio at the top of its game could go bankrupt, but this illustrates how business and art don’t always mix. 78 more words

Technologos Objective: Design Cognitive Instruments to explore machine intelligence digital domain.

Technologos Objectif: Conception cognitive Instruments à explorer le domaine numérique intelligence machine. Technologos Ziel: Design-kognitive Instrumente zur Maschinenintelligenz digitalen Bereich zu erkunden.Technologos目的:デザイン認知インスツルメンツ機械知能デジタル領域を探索する。Technologos目的:設計認知工具,探索機器智能數字域。Technologos الهدف: تصميم الأدوات المعرفية لاستكشاف آلة الاستخبارات المجال الرقمي. 20 more words