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Digital Skills To Create a Digital India

The colleges’ today guarantee to prepare you to enter “the real world.” But chances are the degree, as hard-earned and valuable as it is, doesn’t equip you with every digital skill you need. 655 more words

To be human in this digital age #edcmooc

In previous posts, we talked about utopias and dystopias of digital age – our relationship, as humans, with technology and how it would ‘define’ our future, especially in education. 1,244 more words

SM Tools Repository?

Last week the # OLCsmed class was very hectic for me, yet fruitful, as more useful and effective ways to use various SM tools are emerging. 106 more words


Virtual learning- MY Digital Education Camp!

Ista Kyra is an earnest believer in giving everyone the infinite benefit of the doubt. She likes writing about the magic goodness of people and fantastic tales featuring everyday heroes. 617 more words


Tech-savvy future educators needed? #edcmooc

In my post Looking to the Future: Popular Cultures, I ended the commentary by questioning the work scope of educators as presented by the utopian visions of Corning and Intel. 470 more words