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"Enterprises Need Social Media Strategy" by Glen Gilmore

An interview with Glen Gilmore

Glen D. Gilmore is one of the Top 10 Social Media Influencer according to Forbes. A graduate in law from Widener University School, former two-term mayor for Hamilton and a professor of social media law has many more hats to don. 58 more words

Digital Marketing

Nautilus, a Valuable Site for Science Teachers

By Lillian Williams

Mrs. Lillian Williams is an award-winning, retired public school teacher of southern Illinois. She won a coveted Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching. 385 more words

Digital Education

Rock, Paper, Technology

By Cheyenne Guo, a Math student (who is trying to attain wisdom and knowledge)

It’s amazing how technology has influenced classroom teaching. What used to be chalk and blackboard and pens and paper has turned into screens at the front and all around the class. 546 more words

Changing Paradigms

Digital Skills To Create a Digital India

The colleges’ today guarantee to prepare you to enter “the real world.” But chances are the degree, as hard-earned and valuable as it is, doesn’t equip you with every digital skill you need. 655 more words