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SM Tools Repository?

Last week the # OLCsmed class was very hectic for me, yet fruitful, as more useful and effective ways to use various SM tools are emerging. 106 more words


Virtual learning- MY Digital Education Camp!

Ista Kyra is an earnest believer in giving everyone the infinite benefit of the doubt. She likes writing about the magic goodness of people and fantastic tales featuring everyday heroes. 617 more words


Tech-savvy future educators needed? #edcmooc

In my post Looking to the Future: Popular Cultures, I ended the commentary by questioning the work scope of educators as presented by the utopian visions of Corning and Intel. 470 more words

Game over - for assumptions of digital fluency.

My IT suite and I had a few of these moments recently…because this has been possibly the most intimidating topic I’ve encountered so far with regard to digital education. 731 more words

Looking to the past (week 1): perspectives on education #edcmooc

Noble’s piece in 1998 titled Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education, presented many points that are still very much relevant today, most especially, for me as an educator and a designer, regarding the (commercialization of) automated education. 470 more words

OLC Social Media Mastery Class

Thoroughly enjoying this class! Getting to know my peers, finding lots of new resources and ideas…. totally energizing, thanks! Pretty sure this experience will help feed my passion for exploring new ways to learn collaboratively in the higher education context. 47 more words


Latest Course: E-Learning and Digital Cultures #edcmooc

Instead of Art and Design in Education MA, I have decided to pursue Digital Media, Culture and Education MA instead – upon further research (and a looooooot of thinking), “media ed” seem to offer a lot more in terms of what I would like to achieve; gaining and applying knowledge in (design) education delivery via tools/mediums that are current and progressive, whilst utilizing my skills an experience as design theory lecturer and graphic designer. 77 more words