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How to make your Digital footprint work for you....

Do you know your Digital Footprint?

Are you really utilising your Digital Footprint to its full potential?

The interesting thing is that we set out with good intentions of using the platforms we sign up to but then after a while, one by one, we stop using them and fall back to maybe one or two, which nine times out of ten is… 428 more words

Assisting You With Social Media

This is not another teen, fluffy, love story.

Don’t Call Me Baby by Gwendolyn Heasley

Before you pass over this book because of its title please read on…

This teen novel will be released tomorrow but I was fortunate to read the first 6 chapters and it not only has me hooked due to the great writing but is challenging some of our thoughts on what we as adults share online and how it may affect others …. 367 more words

From milk bottles to iPads: what the next generation needs to know about their personal digital footprints...

It seems a baby can fall in love with the digital world as naturally as they love milk.  Before long they take their first footsteps with a milk bottle in one hand….and maybe an iPad in the other!   414 more words

Digital World

Web Presence

In 8th grade I couldn’t wait to get my first Facebook account. The idea of being able to connect with people was incredible to me. Prior to Facebook I had limited access to online communities besides a few childhood websites I felt there was very little of me online. 385 more words


Blogging Bound ~ My Students' First Digital Steps

MY BLOGGING BACKGROUND: My blogging adventures began in February 2009 when I was offered my own website through StudioPress.  At that time, I barely knew what a “blog” was much less what I was going to do with this site.    866 more words

Blogging In The Classroom

What is online authenticity?

What is online authenticity? How does one create an authentic presence on the web? As a public relations student, building my personal brand is something that is very important to understand. 585 more words

Narcissistic Teens & Helicopter Parents

As part of an assignment I am doing for my Masters degree, I am reading The App Generation by Howard Gardner and Katie Davis.  I am finding it really interesting that their evidence-based, American research certainly reflects my experience and the many conversations I have here in Australia with other teachers and parents. 572 more words

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