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The NICE Reboot Podcast Part 3: What Legacy Will You Leave?

“What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today? Build connections and relationships with people in a positive way by paying attention to the very first question asked.” 1,221 more words

Thought Leadership

#NET102 - Everyday life and intimacy for teens

Let’s talk about the Pascoe reading. This reading takes us beyond online dating agencies and cybersex, into the realm of everyday life and intimacy. How do youths growing up with the Internet form and conduct relationships these days? 621 more words

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The Last Assessment! | What's my final word?

It’s the final blogpost for this module so I’ve decided to put in an extra load of effort to make a video from scratch with cutouts and video editing to show my approach on how I will build up my online professional profile even after this module ends, taking it forward. 836 more words


Staying Safe

I googled my own name out of curiosity and boredom. There was so much that came up it was shocking. Of course I have left a digital (is that the right word? 335 more words


Mobile technology, Mobile media, Mobile learning

Mobile technology has certainly become common place. Access to smartphones and tablets has increased the ability people have to access information, interact with their environment and others while exploring areas of interest. 306 more words

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My experience at Lumen

A 20-minute drive to my summer holiday internship and not knowing what to expect but being open minded to the world of possibility. I have been interning at Lumen formerly know as C6 Consulting and how this opportunity came about is from my EMarketing blog and group project performance. 518 more words

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#NET102 - Understanding private and public space online

How do internet interfaces for music consumption and distribution change the ways in which we understand private and public space (and the way these intermingle)? 477 more words

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