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#TYIW Goal Check - Growing my PLN

I have a secret… I spent a lot of the summer working with teachers to help them understand why and how to grow their PLN, but guess what I was really trying to do?   928 more words

Digital Footprint

Siri ..... Be careful what you ask!

The case of Pedro Bravo, who has been accused of kidnapping and strangling his friend from the University of Florida, raises much more than meets the eye. 204 more words


Google tells tales... My digital foot print

Like footprints in the sand, our online activity leaves a trail but unlike footprints in the sand, the wind and water cannot remove our online trail. 490 more words


Digital Footprint

Upon Googling myself, it was evident that my presence on social media was not extensive, what I found out was:

• One picture of myself from 2013… 289 more words

Digital Footprint

E-activity 1: Exploring BigFoot’s digital print

A digital footprint was a foreign concept to me just a few weeks ago. However, after typing ‘Claire Coulthard’ into google I soon learned just how… 437 more words

Clark Little

My Digital Footprint

After searching my name in Google it became quite apparent I am not as unique as I thought. There I was assuming my Facebook page would be at the top of the list of searched but the… 502 more words

Digital Footprint