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DH post 1: Roz Assesses Her Online Presence

For this class I’m taking, I’ve been asked to assess my current online presence. After reading a few things in regard to online presence, that’s pretty easy but also pretty hard. 672 more words

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Online Presence

In the 21st century, human beings have already entered the Internet times, Internet is making changes extensively and deeply to our life. In this age, everyone has own online presence on Internet, just like the real one we have  in reality. 188 more words

Week 1

Attempt at Defining Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities is the effort to integrate ever-advancing technologies and the products of their use into academia in an attempt to keep the study of Humanities relevant. 199 more words

Digital Humanities

Does it really matter whether you take notes with a laptop or by hand?

A recent study on the merits of note-taking by hand (instead of using a laptop) further adds to the evidence that taking notes like our parents did is the better intellectual exercise. 501 more words

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Goals for a Digital Humanities Scholar

Firstly, to start this blogging experience for my Digital Humanities Introductory course, I would like to set some goals that I wish to accomplish–within this class, my undergraduate studies, and my future career. 233 more words

Digital Humanities

The Author-Function and the Internet: How do We Maintain the Author in the Digital World?

In his essay “What is an Author?”, Michel Foucault asserts that the author-function manifests itself in a product that affords the discourse a “certain status” (Foucault 107). 660 more words

"Data Driven: Digital Humanities in the Library" Conference.

The “Data Driven: Digital Humanities in the Library” Conference took place in Charleston, SC from June 20 until June 22, 2014 with over 90 attendees. It was sponsored by the… 1,677 more words

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