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One Picture a Day…………….Day 513..... Portrait

December 21, 2014…Day 513

I had the model spin her head to create movement in the hair and to catch the hair light.

Two Lights were used, one was placed to the left of the frame and slightly behind the model as a hair light and the second was placed in front of the model for general illumination. 78 more words


Intricate Linear Patterns for the New Notbooks

There are some new notebooks available online. These ones are completely different from the other notebooks in my shop, because the patterns for the covers of these notebooks were created by my husband… 35 more words

Size doesn't matter. Started with a squeegied paper and developed into a sculptural mixed media piece.

This family portrait is from an old photo, a new photo, digital manipulation and then pen drawing over the top.

 My husband said the work looked fantastic on Instagram but when he saw it in real life he was disappointed because it was so small.   69 more words


One Picture a Day…………….Day 509..... Portrait

December 17, 2014…Day 509

Sometimes monochrome is the way to go. I looked at this in color and then I knew Black & White really worked for this image. 103 more words


One Picture a Day…………….Day 508..... Landscape

December 16, 2014…Day 508

This image is in the cemetery area of the reoccupied ghost town of Tin Cup, Colorado. It’s beautiful and peaceful.

This was digital image, that was scanned into Lightroom where the contrast and exposure were adjusted and the image was rendered to Black & White via a Lightroom preset The Image was cropped slightly. 59 more words


One Picture a Day…………….Day 506..... Portrait

December 14, 2014…Day 506

I liked this image in color, but I haven’t tried it in monochrome yet, maybe tomorrow.

Two Lights were used,one was placed to the left of the frame and in front of the modeling and the second was placed so it would illuminate the background. 80 more words