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Design Showcase: Week 3

This week’s assignment in my Digital Media class involved editing an image using various Photoshop tools and effects including adjustment layers, a mask, the clone stamp tool, the sponge tool, the blur tool, and the sharpen tool. 392 more words


Design Showcase 3


So I learned A LOT from this assignment, although it did take me a few times to get it right.

I STILL haven’t managed to complete the simple task of adding the black and white adjustment layer so I do not have that copy. 64 more words

Digital Imagery

Design Showcase 3 - Image Editing Tools in Photoshop

My digital imagery assignment for this week was to demonstrate understanding of the editing tools learned in class.

The bulleted points below represent required edits needed to complete the assignment, and below them, the edits that I made to satisfy the requirements: 351 more words


Design Showcase: Week 2

The image above is my first Design Showcase for my graduate Digital Imagery class.

The project was completed using Adobe Photoshop and was intended to introduce students to various tools and methods, including: layers, selection tools, brushes, image resizing and rotation, color choice, and the type tool. 144 more words


Assignment 2

Hey guys!

So for this assignment, I found that reviewing the lecture was very helpful! I had a great understanding of the basics that were needed to be done, and I followed each step with no issues. 67 more words

Digital Imagery

Week Two // Photoshop and Layers

Although summer is winding down, I wanted to capture the feeling of summer in this design. The gingham pattern reminds me of summer picnics and barbecues with friends. 126 more words


First Assignment

We will learn the tools for photo-retouching and create an engaging creative expression that applies hyper-realism concepts.

“As a recognized subset of photorealism, hyperrealism takes into account a process of simulation that emphasizes digital degradation, defects and deficiencies of pictorial elements in modern photography and digital imagery. 78 more words

Digital Imagery