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Nigel Maudsley - Featured IPA member


I am a Brighton based free-lance photographer whose work engages in genres such as portraiture, landscape, abstraction and short experimental films.

I have a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design specialising in Photography and Printmaking and an MA (Distinction) in Digital Imagery and Animation. 421 more words

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Pictures Create Worlds of their Own

We view the world through the eye of what we’ve been taught, told and explained in our existence as a reality which places a limit on our personal perspective of that world from what we’ve learned as we watch it go by. 46 more words


Design Showcase: Week 5

My Digital Imagery assignment for Week 5 required me to choose a brand and design an 800 x 600 pixel web graphic that incorporates that brand’s logo. 500 more words


Design Showcase 4

For this assignment, I really wanted to create a simple chalkboard.

First, I downloaded some of the fonts that Jaclyn suggested, as well as the styles. 214 more words

Digital Imagery

Design Showcase: Week 3

This week’s assignment in my Digital Media class involved editing an image using various Photoshop tools and effects including adjustment layers, a mask, the clone stamp tool, the sponge tool, the blur tool, and the sharpen tool. 392 more words


Design Showcase 3


So I learned A LOT from this assignment, although it did take me a few times to get it right.

I STILL haven’t managed to complete the simple task of adding the black and white adjustment layer so I do not have that copy. 64 more words

Digital Imagery