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Untitled – Acrylic; ink; digital paint

Digital Imagery

Steve Lee - Featured IPA member


“I was a young research chemist when I discovered photography. At that time, film photography was the ideal way to express my alternative side; my creative side. 375 more words

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Pay Me

who’s going to get

stuck with the bill

when the music stops


hidden fees

scratching away

the deficit


everyone wants



no one is willing… 11 more words


"...wondering why there was a lamp post in the middle of the wood..."

Design Showcase 3

This week in Digital Imagery in Web Design we learned about image editing, and our assignment for the week was to choose one of three photos provided and perform basic edits. 240 more words


The Lamp that Lights a Field of Flowers

This week I learned more about a few key tools in Photoshop including the blur, sponge, sharpen, smudge, dodge, and clone tools. I really found experimenting with these different tools fascinating. 235 more words

Digital Imagery And Web Design

Yansen Sugiarto - Featured IPA member


My name is Kianalendra Sugiarto, but people call me Yansen since my babtist name is Arnoldus Janssen. I was born in Indonesia in 1972. 383 more words

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I'll take the BLT!

Design Showcase 2

This week in Digital Imagery in Web Design we learned some basics in Photoshop, and our assignment for the week was to create a BLT sandwich graphic for a client. 332 more words