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Throwback Thursday - Dad's British Knights

This is a previous post on a different website of mine. Just thought it was a time to reblog this. First posted on http://www.AndysFrame.com 04/12/2012… 920 more words

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Out on a Limb

July 22, 2014

Oh my the internet; What a beast we have become somewhat slavish to, some of us anyway, myself among those who rely too much on this electronic traveling show, communicative message bearing life-line. 847 more words

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Thing Thirteen-Digital Images

This thing was pretty fun as well!  I think we all use images in our classrooms, so having to keep in mind copyright issues and using some of the free sites was a challenge to say the least. 361 more words

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SB 165

Here’s another interesting image for your Sunday.

“Mark’s Orange Dog Swimming” by Barney Moss, courtesy of Flickr Commons

Today’s quote:People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. 283 more words

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High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR)

When we shoot an image with a digital camera the levels of luminosity and exposure are limited. That’s just the nature of the beast. High dynamic range (HDR) processing allows to shoot a series of images, or shoot one and adjust luminosity and other settings in Photoshop, then combine these images into one image that will look much sharper and brighter than any of the individual images. 18 more words

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