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Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants Questionnaire: Rate Your Workplace

by Lisa D Smith, M.A., Sept 29, 2014, 5:22PM

Believe it or not, Integrity News still comes across a great deal of people who are unfamiliar with the terms “ 1,455 more words

....and I use it to take selfies and look at videos of cats.

Ever heard of “digital natives” or “digital immigrants”? Me neither. But staying true to myself as a self-confessed digital native (as I later discover), I Googled it. 212 more words


Education calls for more screen time

If Marc Prensky had so much to complain about 13 years ago, I wonder what he’d say now about teaching Digital Natives? And parental control apps? 395 more words

Thoughts regarding digital natives/digital imigrants

The terms digital natives and digital immigrants seem to be stereotypical. Apparently if you’re born 1980 or later you are considered a digital native but if you were born prior to that you’re a digital immigrant. 112 more words

The Digitized and Paperless classroom – A foreseeable future

Paper has been a medium of convenience, accessibility, affordability and familiarity, the past few centuries. And yet, as the world ushers in a digital zeitgeist, our modes of communication, interpersonal interactions, information access, instructional methodology, the learning and creative process have undergone a tremendous change. 618 more words

The Paperless Classroom By Davina E. Solomon

EDC101 Living and Learning in the Digital World

I have created this blog to use during my studies in course EDC101 Living and Learning the Digital World.  During the next two or so months from next week I am hoping to write some riveting reflections on the weekly content and tasks.  318 more words

Marketing Keywords to Know: August 28, 2014

Digital Immigrant

Definition: An individual that was not raised during the widespread adoption of digital technology, but is forced to comply with these new technologies… 179 more words

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