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Embrace technology (now matter how frightening it may seem!)

This article in the Guardian Teacher Network discusses an episode of a BBC radio 4 series called ‘My Teacher is an App’ and how it took a look at the way technology is being used to meet educational needs.   212 more words

EDTC 6432 Module 1 Digital Natives & Digital Immigrants

The articles authored by Marc Prensky are focused on the state of our current education system more specifically, the contrast in which the new technological generation of children learn to how their educators are expecting them to learn.  583 more words

Prensky's Concept of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants and Its Relation to Instructional Practice

As this is my first post in this course I’m not sure how to proceed and so I must simply forge ahead and integrate feedback into future posts.   769 more words


Wikipedia as Scene of Writing, pt. 2

When introducing the concept of Web 2.0 to my students, two terms always come into play in our conversation – “digital native” and “digital immigrant.” 823 more words

Assessment 1 - Being a teacher in the digital age

Well, Assessment 1 is complete and the upload to YouTube was successful.  This was an interesting exercise in gathering my thoughts on exactly why I wanted to be a teacher in this digital age.   108 more words



Jeg er en digital immigrant født på 70-tallet, vokst opp med NRK og skrivemaskin.

Vi som er født på 70 tallet har vært med på en utvikling fra industrisamfunnet via informasjonssamfunnet og nå over til den digitale verden. 1,755 more words

Digital Markedsføring