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I'm a digital immigrant!

Born in 1970, I am most definitely not a digital native – a term I came across at the London Book Fair this year, which in essence means you were born into the tech savvy world that we live in today. 339 more words

Digital Immigrant

Wk2 Technology in Your Daily Life

I am what would be termed a digital immigrant, I didn’t grow up with a vast amount of technology incorporated into daily life, or learning (Prensky, 2001). 299 more words


I am the mother of a screenager. That’s right. I said screenager, not teenager. A screenager is someone who has grown up in a digital landscape and spends most of their time in a digital world. 1,228 more words


Digital Native vs. Digital Immigrant; Not a very Flattering or Accurate Argument

I came across these terms while reviewing some training material for work. I found the concepts behind these terms to be very interesting especially in regards to how these differing perspectives could impact our lives not only professionally but personally. 596 more words

Technology Continuum

I get so irritated by the digital native/digital immigrant dichotomy–especially when the dichotomy is associated purely with the year one was born.  There are times when talking about large groups and generations in broad terms is useful, but in this particular case I find the concepts used more as an excuse for using or not using technology on a small group level, and that is not so helpful.   380 more words