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Continuing the series of digitally altered images. 6 more words


Light in the Forest

Fascinating patterns and shapes are revealed when the light in the forest filters through tree branches and other growth. This is another in the current series of digitally manipulated images. 17 more words


Message In a Bottle: Steganography

I have been exploring techniques to hide additional information in images. This practice is called steganography. There are many techniques that can be applied both physically and digitally.  125 more words


Deep Woods Tree

It is easy here to conjure up a dark and forbidding wood, thick with lush and tangled undergrowth, and in the midst a gnarled tree spreading from multiple trunks and branches. 56 more words



Red berries ripening on the bushes in late summer. The image started with the Nikon D200, 52 mm. ISO 400. 1/1000 sec at f/3.3.  Subsequent processing included some solarization and a host of other steps. 26 more words


Paul Rivett - Thanks

I recently had a call from 2 friends asking if I could help them with a Thank You gift for Paul Rivett three times Clio Cup Champion. 310 more words


Abstract, Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Darkly seductive, it beckons, whispering of untold desires and delights….