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Psychology and Marketing

I recently came across the article, How to Use Social Psychology to Improve your Marketing by Luke Summerfield. It was especially interesting to me as I am reading a book called… 576 more words


The big reason why Internet Marketer like SalesNgin is important?

If you have been in the business all your life and no matter what happens with regards to economic status in general, you always find yourself keeping up with the situation. 437 more words

Sales Process

Digital Media Segment : 10 ideas on digital marketing

Hi Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed my last two post! Now heres another post dedicated to my Digital Marketing class. If you like the first post or are also interested in studying marketing stay tuned for this weeks assignment. 240 more words

Digital Marketing

Never tell me the odds.

The Death of digital marketing? I hope not, otherwise I am in the wrong field. On Wednesday September 17th the #IMCSLC class greeted six AM with groggy eyes but open minds. 398 more words

Bid Types Demystified

As a marketer in an entrepreneurial world, you are confronted by a myriad of questions and tactical decisions to take for your business. Especially when confronted with the ways you can pivot your online campaigns, and the target audiences one can use. 197 more words

Bid Types

Hike Up Your Life

Hike! the new trendy mobile messenger app, had a new tag line – Hike Up Your Life, and with that, a desire to be among conversations during the FIFA world cup. 71 more words

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The Dettol Hug

Moms always worry. No matter what they do, how much they do, they’re always looking for a better way to keep their children healthy.

Now, every problem has many solutions. 150 more words

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