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1 thing you must be selfish about (not your time)

It takes nearly 100% of the oxygenated blood going through
your system first before sharing it with the rest of your

And that’s a GOOD THING that it’s so selfish, otherwise… 328 more words

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Less Is More, Except For When More Is More

There is always a debate regarding whether to show a ton of pictures on our websites or to display a smaller high quality selection.

Is less more? 81 more words

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Marketing - Dead or Alive?

As touched on in previously blog posts, figureheads from some of the biggest consumer brand companies in the world have made bold pronouncements about the state of marketing today, even declaring digital marketing to be… 663 more words

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When was the last time you 'Googled' yourself?

let’s be honest here, have you Googled yourself before? I do it now and again, as good practice to see what’s my online profile like, and what information is there on me out there. 363 more words

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Improve Your Paid Search Ads with Sitelinks

What are Sitelinks?

Sitelinks are additional links that you can include underneath your typical paid search ad. You can add up to 8 sitelinks per ad group, but Google will determine how many and which links are used each time the ad is displayed. 371 more words

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The Year's Most Important Content Marketing Trends, There's More to Metrics Than Click-Throughs and Engaged Time

Here are a few of today’s top content marketing stories that just might help you end your week on the right note. Give us a shout at joheir1@gmail.com or 516-477-2665 if you have comments or stories you want to share. 324 more words

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How to manage your reputation online (4 of 4)

Responding to critical posts

People are posting very unpleasant things about you in social media. What can you do about it?

You have prepared well. You have… 1,140 more words

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