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The Precarious State of Advertising & Marketing

Creativity and experience matter more than ever.

Daily we are subjected to a constant barrage of marketing messages. From text messages for discounts from our favorite yogurt establishment, to emails from strangers, to online advertising featuring talking Geckos backed by Berkshire Hathaway’s unlimited media budget. 475 more words

Bailey Burk

Paid Media

What is Paid Media?

Most people  have heard terms like owned, paid, and earned media at some point in their careers. Although they are often used by people in marketing, few actually understand what the terms mean. 794 more words

Appointment or advertisement? Burt’s Bees pencils itself in on your e-calendar

Take a look at your calendar – odds are it’s already full of work meetings, appointments, social events, and your child’s extracurricular activities. Now imagine on top of your already busy schedule, an advertisement or two is thrown in, mimicking another appointment. 208 more words

Emerging Media

Why Are You Paying What You Can Get For Free? - Paid, Earned, Owned Media

Let’s discuss these 3 very important buzz words: Paid Media, Earned Media, Owned Media. With online digital media becoming more and more popular it important not only to know the difference between these but also how to accomplish each of them. 448 more words


Paid Media in a Changing Digital Environment

Traditionally when we think of digital marketing, we can break it into three categories:

  1. Owned- The channel your brand owns and controls. These come in two flavors: fully owned, like a website, and partially owned, like a Facebook page.
  2. 766 more words

SEO Tips For Businesses

We love this rundown of SEO strategies from DigeComm that all business owners should take note of. If it’s not in your financial budget to hire someone full time, make it a part of your time budget. 38 more words

The marketing trifecta: changes to paid, owned, and earned media

Paid, Earned, and Owned

Let’s talk about media, specifically paid, earned, and owned media. Paid media is pretty self explanatory, it is the purchased ads on a website or even paid tweets. 692 more words