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[DE] Zuhören statt Abhören - Die feine Linie zwischen erwünschtem Service und Spionage

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In den vergangenen Monaten hat mich das Thema Big Data, Analytics und Personalisierung im Zusammenhang mit dem Tracken von Kunden- bzw. Surfverhalten stark umgetrieben. 376 more words


NEWSFLASH: Companies use your data to make money

Or do they?

In what must come as a massive surprise for consumers everywhere, companies have the potential to turn all that data their websites collect into a huge revenue-raising tool. 207 more words

HBO GO goes further!

HBO is the network that produces some of the best shows on television today, including EVERYONE’S favourite; Game of Thrones!
HBO does have an online steaming service called ‘HBO GO’ already, but the issue is that to access it you must also have a cable subscription to HBO already. 497 more words


How to turn readers into buyers

As you go along with your internet browsing, something abruptly stops you. A simple headliner that arise your curiosity. For a moment you’re stuck reading the article and then made you click the links for more. 409 more words

Sales Process

Oh no, it’s anonymous. We just track your location, that’s all.

The popular Whisper network, where users post secrets online have been found that the company tracks the users’ location in order to confirm user’s identity. Despite… 250 more words