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Why the millennial economy creates itself

The millennial business environment has been recreated by a radical generation of business owners, job creators and opportunity mongers to make it an even richer ecosystem that thrives on the web simply by being on it.

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How Will Google Unzip The Net Next,By Attacking Guest Bloggers,How Will The Huffington Post Survive?

According to recent bloggers and reports from Matt Cutts at Google the tech giant will assemble a small army to go after guest blogging. What is guest blogging? 74 more words

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Entrepreneurialism – Business Plan

Let Customers Be Your Guide

Entrepreneurialism has fueled an incredible number of successful businesses. A current television ad for Cadillac referencing many of America’s garage startups gives credence to the continued importance of this in our culture. 366 more words

From two employees to 220, in only six years

Outside Philadelphia, the digital marketing company Monetate is rapidly growing. So is its business opportunity.

FORTUNE — David Brussin doesn’t want to reinvent marketing. He just wants to make it easier. 855 more words


The Road to Idioacracy

Take a look at this picture and pick out something that stands out to you.

Take another look now and count the number of advertisements or “branded” elements you see…I count seven.   217 more words

The simplest explanation of SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) – such a buzz term, but such an enigma for many businesses. When asked ‘What is SEO?’, I’m tempted to cram in as much information as I possibly can. 696 more words

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