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Digital Media-Rainforest Cafe

The Rainforest Cafe is a rainforest themed restaurant that comes alive! There are many animal located throughout the restaurant that are connected to computers which sends out timed movements to the animals which makes them move and make noises. 46 more words

Digital Media

THE ICEBUCKET CHALLENGE: Social Media and virility

Trending social media over the past week has been the Ice Bucket/Ice Water Challenge, and it seems to have been a brilliant way to get people on and using social media to raise awareness. 154 more words


My experience at Blanchardstown CTC


The Training Centre went on an adventure to Dublin Zoo to check out new animals and took many pictures to post up on the official website so people can also have a look at them, they also planned to have a competition for everyone and decided to see a movie in the cinema before we had our 4 weeks holiday. 90 more words

Digital Media

learning outcome 10

In this learning outcome we learned a lot like copyright,data protection and internet policy in the workplace.

Copyright copyrights legal concept that is enforced by the governments to protect the authors of original work. 182 more words

Digital Media

End-of-Course Learner Reflection Activity - A3

In this module, I learned :
Mobile Phone and Smart Phone, Using a Digital Camera, Using a Digital Recorder, Using Digital Audio, Security and Copyright… 58 more words

Digital Media

How important is spelling?

Well,  perhaps you can you tell me…

“Admiring the view has just taking on a whole new meaning.”

This is the line taken today from the… 220 more words


Digital: why have media agencies invested so much in automation and tracking technologies?

These days, the most basic WordPress account offers features such as stats on traffic and demographic, information on geographical location of the readers, search engine keywords used to bring users to the site etc. 347 more words