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9/11 as it happened

Ari Fleischer live tweets 9/11. Former White House Press Secretary reveals what actually happened.

In the hours following the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre towers in New York, I came across this article, which kept me intrigued for much longer than news articles on widely covered events normally do. 590 more words

Digital Media

Online reading - how do you manage it?

In my digital history class, we had some readings on web design and content and in one of the articles, it talked about how a lot of websites shy away from lengthy texts and go with “chunking” the information into smaller bits that are more suited for web reading, and basically that historians should just say, “We’ll just make long texts our thing, attention spans be damned.” (I am paraphrasing a bit here.) But they also specifically say, “More people are reading ever longer passages on a computer screen, and for better or worse that trend will continue because a greater and greater percentage of our lives involves digital media.”* They attribute this at least in part to improvements in display technology. 572 more words

Grad School

Announcing Fall Speaker's Series

The first two speakers in our Speaker’s Series for the 2014-2015 academic year have been announced, Dr. Robert Zacharias and Dr. Nicholas Balaisis. If you don’t know them from elsewhere, you may recognize them from previous Words in Place posts. 57 more words


Effects of limited media in developing countries

Liberia Struggles to Find, Isolate Suspected Ebola Cases

In several countries in West Africa, Ebola is continuing to spread and health authorities are battling to contain the disease that kills up to 90% of those who contract it. 429 more words

Digital Media

Why I hate Her

Congratulations Spike Jonze on creating the most pathetic and pitiful character — otherwise known as Theodore Twombly — in the 2013 sci-fi flick, Her. A classic story of man meets… OS?  850 more words

Digital Media

Photo-leaks and twisted stories

Nude pictures leak: Everything you need to know about 4chan

First Jennifer Lawrence, then Kate Upton, and now Mary Elizabeth Winstead, have had intimate photos of them leaked (stolen?) and posted on the worldwide web for all and sundry to see. 558 more words

Digital Media

Digital media piece of art-dig med

This is a digital media art performance where the can create things that play on the walls and floors to make there own settings on the stage. 17 more words