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Measuring Success on Social Media

Automotive Social Media Marketing by Automotive Social licenced under CC BY 2.0

So, you’ve set up your page on Twitter, or maybe even Facebook for your brand new business. 275 more words

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Benefits of Switching To Digital Marketing

As digital marketing is growing rapidly in recent years and making such a huge impact in the business world (basically becoming mandatory for most businesses), you may find yourself, along with many others, wondering  205 more words

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Marketing Assessment - Radiohead's "In Rainbows"

The music industry is well-known for its greedy behavior. Whether it be a copy-right lawsuit between labels or propositions to ban illegal downloading of free music, the music industry seems to always be making the effort to earn as much money as they can. 475 more words

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"Look Up" Video Project

Sometimes, we get caught up in our own worlds hidden behind a smartphone screen. These technological worlds don’t serve the real world any justice. Only in the real world can you experience real human contact, real life experience, and the true beauty of nature. 309 more words

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The Horrors of Voice-to-Text & Local Accents

Siri can be the most frustrating assistant sometimes, but you can’t blame her, she isn’t Nigerian (like I am).

Most times, because I recall to-do… 476 more words

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Digital Media Unit 5 Analog Music

In today’s class we have been introduced to a turntable and roughly explained how it works, there is some pictures of the turntable and all the records that my instructor owns :)

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Digital Media Unit 5 Music

Today in class we have learned about all the different Music Networking Sites, we have also learned how to create playlists on them sites and follow people, by doing that all the music posted or shared by the person we are following will come up on our following page. 174 more words

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