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MIXX Conference Canada 2014: Digiquantability

On Wednesday the Seneca Event Marketing Students were fortunate enough to attend the IAB Canada 2014 Fall MIXX Conference, to which we had been given free tickets. 676 more words

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2014 MIXXCanada Conference

First conference of my life, chance for networking and that too at such a big platform had to be one of the most memorable experiences of my life.  486 more words


NYC Media Summit @ the New School, September 19. 2014

Spent a Friday participating in this lively packed house of demo-giving techies, artists, start-ups  and varying educational interactive, and social engagement projects. A lot of time on my part  explaining my project  and the site Arcosanti  (where this 4-channel video was filmed).   44 more words



Hibiscus In Pink, Red, And Yellow

It should quickly become apparent that I love drawing flowers–my way :-)

The original piece, Hibiscus, is the subject of the digital collage… 13 more words

IAB Canada 2014 Fall Mixx Conference: Digiquantability

Nothing says “fun” like waking up at 5 in the morning and taking the subway! Waking up that early on September 17th for the IAB Mixx Conference wasn’t that hard, to be honest. 813 more words

Cafe Cloud, Step Sound, and the Fantastic Mr. Pickle

The purpose of these pieces is to work on symmetrical and asymmetrical design. I am actually very surprised at how what seemed like 5 mundane photos on my phone turned into a few really cool design projects.


DIGITAL MEDIA - Self Portrait Proposal

For my self portrait assignment, wherein I will digitally create a self portrait of myself, I intend on creating an image with both a real life photo and an illustrated image. 114 more words

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