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Rewriting news on social media

A good example of how social media has changed the way in which news is reported.


The recent incident of the ‘train racist’ typifies how anyone with a phone camera can record and upload an item to YouTube that goes viral and in turn becomes a news item.

The train racist

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Beautiful, fierce, elegant predators … Dragonflies, the real life ornithopters ( yes that is a Frank Herbert’s Dune reference )

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Brazen Moves: An Interview With Mike Doto

Thanks to everyone who read my Weird Al post. It was a quick observation I made last week when talking with Megan about his new strategy and next thing I know, it’s my most read blog EVER.   263 more words

Israel and Gaza - the Battle of Futile Simplicities

There are times when I wish that my graphical talents extended beyond crude PowerPoint diagrams and stick people.

Like so many repelled by acts of inhumanity on both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict, I’ve been reading column acres about the Gaza stand-off over the past two weeks. 757 more words

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Drawing: The Coming Storm

This one is pretty big mc large huge. I was feeling pretty down, so I decided to play around in Photoshop, then this happened.

I don’t often put meaning into my artwork, but this is kinda how I’ve been feeling lately due to a long streak of very bad luck.


Exhibiting Decay: Tensions of Authenticity in Illegal and Organised Urban Exploration

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of presenting a paper at the conference “ 3,176 more words

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Another day!

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