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Mushroctopus Shushrocktopus


So this guy, Felfriast, has a page full of crazy bird/people and other odd animal combos. Some are done pretty well, and the mashup looks pretty seamless, others are kind-of a hot mess. 28 more words

Digital Media

All the News That's Fit for the Classroom

A teacher at my daughter’s new school just told me about a fantastic, relatively new Web site for students that has incredible learning opportunities for the classroom, and that he will be incorporating into his lessons.  366 more words

In The Classroom

From CDs to MP3s: Piracy and the Transformation of an Industry

FROM CDs to MP3s:


Piracy & the Transformation of an Industry


The impact of personal computers, the Internet and new digital media formats on the music industry, copyright laws and consumer behaviours.

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5 Budget Marketing Strategies For The Self Employed

There is plenty written about digital marketing techniques for large corporations with millions to spend on digital campaigns. It’s important to remember that digital marketing can be used at all levels. 1,122 more words


Ones real life identity tends to be irrelevant in the culture of gaming, RPG’s (Role playing video games) such as Final Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons and WOW allow an individual to portray themselves however they please through their character in the fictional world. 577 more words

Digital Artist Research

No matter how many seemlessly looping GIFs I see, I am always easily fascinated, especially when those loops happen to be art. Dave Whyte is an artist with a background in mathematics and physics and one day he decided to play around with geometrical shapes, eventually creating tons of GIFs for people to stare at for days. 142 more words

Digital Media