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Leadership: Getting the 21st Century Academic Engine to Actually Work

My academic team was fumbling around Friday not getting much done, yet at the same time getting a lot of interesting things done.  We have finished a penny war in the community, raising money for a student in our community whose family had been displaced by a fire, and several of us were standing in front of the coin counting machine commenting on old technology that still has purpose (the coin counting machine) and new technology and what purpose some of it might have in the future (other than its currently designated purpose). 795 more words

Ask Why

Convergence Culture for Today's Youth

It is true that in many cases, the pervasiveness of the Internet culture and its influence on millennials makes it hard for parents to keep up. 305 more words


Reflective Practice #1

This series of posts are part of my professional development at Kamehameha. Itʻs important to reflect on oneʻs teaching practice in order to improve no matter how much one knows and how long one has been at it. 480 more words

Tinder – still here?

I have been asked for many interviews about Tinder during this year. Which is a kind of absurd, because I study the traditional types of online dating profiles in online dating sites, not Tinder. 1,692 more words

Online Dating

Because reality doesn't matter anymore......

A digital utopia you say? Well lets break this down. When I think of digital, I think of the year I spent doing computer science and recall all those one’s and zero’s in different arrangements, a language of the digital or virtual realm. 592 more words


Forget "digital natives." Talk about "mobile natives."

I would think (hope) that most people in the general marketing field understand that marketing is changing as generations change out — here’s one small example… 671 more words

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Citizen Journalism: A Pillar of Understanding

The very term Citizen Journalism reminds me of another term known at Citizen’s arrest which in fact dates back to medieval ages where the law enforcers encouraged ordinary citizens to catch law breakers. 1,808 more words