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Standard 10 Meta-Reflection: Technology

Here are some thoughts for this week, so look out!  We read about “digital wisdom” this week, which was interesting.  Prensky states that “Digital technology…can be used to make us not just smarter but truly wiser”  (Prensky, 2001, p. 2,365 more words

Standard 10. Technology

Digital Wisdom

Mark Prensky (2009) defined wisdom as, “the ability to find practical, creative, and contextually appropriate, and emotionally satisfying solutions to complicated human problems…a more complex kind of problem solving.”  He described his idea of… 398 more words


Vanity, Vanity, all is vanity

“Pre-service education students entering university can be categorized broadly into two distinct groups, those who are coming directly from secondary school and those who are not.“ (Duncan-Howell, 2012).   508 more words


EDTC6432/Module 2/Digital Knowledge

Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives may be different in some ways. However, Digital Immigrants are not irrelevant simply because they were born first. There has been an over-generalization of the generation gap. 281 more words


Collaborating in a 1:1 Setting

Reflective educators seldom accept received wisdom as something beyond questioning.  When it comes to iPads in the classroom received wisdom has less than four years’ provenance and it is, therefore, only right that we reassess what we think we know about these amazing tools and their place in the school room and the school day. 701 more words

Teaching And Learning

EDTC6432, Module 1: Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives

Clear Window

It is fascinating to see how technology is changing education. This is the first time in history that everyone from Kindergarten to college has grown up with the internet. 691 more words


Video Game Minds


Presky’s article about Digital Natives and Immigrants really hit home for me and I think I have learned as much from this article as I have any article I have read thus far in the ARC program. 640 more words