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Speaker Announcment : Stefan Pflug

Original article written for TEDxKEA, available here :  http://tedxkea.com/speaker-announcement-stefan-pflug/

Speaker Announcement: Stefan Pflug

We live in a world of unprecedented connectivity. As the next generation of digital natives rises to the challenges of digital consumerism and presence, there are countless possibilities for both advertisers and society alike. 493 more words


How is your Digital Repertoire?

I gather from the fact that you are reading this that you can read and write, but let’s imagine for a moment that we couldn’t… How hard would the world become to navigate and comprehend? 526 more words

Digital Natives

Reflective Summary - Digital Visitors and Residents

It has been interesting over the past couple of weeks for me to see, on this university wide course, how different people from different backgrounds of study choose to research and think about different areas. 351 more words

Digital Immigrants

Is it important to be Digitally Savvy?!

Are you a computer nerd? The one everyone comes to when they have a problem with their latest software update, or are you the one that dazzlingly stares at the screen bluntly exclaiming “have you tried turning it on and off again?!”. 403 more words

Digital Natives

We need better technocrat managers, Harvard

Harvard Business Review recently published an opinion piece about digital transformation, arguing that organizations need better managers, not more technocrats, in the drive to realize this future. 660 more words


Artistic pursuits give digital generation ‘space for risk taking’ Joe Humphreys, Irish Times

Artistic pursuits give digital generation ‘space for risk taking’
Joe Humphreys,  Irish Times

Arts engagement can BOOST creative thinking & risk taking for DIGITAL NATIVES creatively stunted by fear of failing in an increasingly monitored environment (134 characters)


Digital 'Visitors' and 'Residents'

The idea of classifying web users as ‘visitors’ and ‘residents’ is a fairly new one, first identified in a paper from White, Manton and Le Cornu (2009) 466 more words

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