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The late adopter

I’m what they call a late adopter when it comes to technological gadgets. Though the emphasis in that phrase should be on the adopter, because eventually not only do I adopt new technology but I become its most annoying evangelist. 797 more words


INTRICT Post #12: Digital Natives, Digital Idiots

Our lecture in our INTRICT class today was on the concerns and effects of the rapidly advancing technology, such as: the digital natives generation, computers taking over jobs (but the advancement creating new ones) and the use of fear on humans to manipulate them for profit. 314 more words


Ecoducks v The EcoArtCadets! @classofyourown

Over the last few weeks I’ve been privileged to be involved in a few workshops for the DEC! EcoClassroom.

Check out details here…..http://designengineerconstruct.com. We form groups into design/build companies, they produce branding, do research and produce a facility that is green, for the community and for education. 155 more words

Instructor's Prompt

Examining Generational Differences

What did you take away from these generational differences readings?

As an AP Statistics teacher, albeit one with one year of experience, my first concern is regarding the references for all three articles. 956 more words

AECT Standard 2.4


The digital native or at least the myth of the digital native, seems to get author Jamie McKenzie very worked up in Digital Nativism Digital Delusions and Digital Deprivation. 525 more words


Generation Alpha

A series of blogs detailing the current state of Journalism and the Media:

Lego: those small, colourful, at times ingestible building blocks of fun that so many of our childhood memories are made of. 377 more words


What Generation Z Is Telling Us About Leadership

Source: www.briansolis.com

Generation Z — Digital Natives — the Teens, Tweens and children of today.

While Millennials have been taking the spotlight, this blogger suggests that understanding how teens use social media will not only help you to make decisions for the future; it will help you to lead. 10 more words