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EDTC6432, Module 1: Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives

Clear Window

It is fascinating to see how technology is changing education. This is the first time in history that everyone from Kindergarten to college has grown up with the internet. 691 more words


Video Game Minds


Presky’s article about Digital Natives and Immigrants really hit home for me and I think I have learned as much from this article as I have any article I have read thus far in the ARC program. 640 more words


Brave New World: Code Switching in the Digital Age

Module I, EDU 6432; Principles of Hope H1:  Honor Student Diversity and Development

I have been teaching full-time in private schools since for just a bit more than twelve years; my start date nearly perfectly coincides with the publication of Marc Prensky’s “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” (2001).   667 more words


Struggles of the Digital Native: Maintaining Social Relevance Through Social Media


To begin, I want to throw out a disclaimer: My future posts will most-definitely not be posted so promptly after one another like this. Like, who am I right now…Regardless I’m in the mood to babble like a brook in the springtime (‘scuse me while I potty break). 793 more words


Digital Immigrant: Learning takes lots of practice!

Technology is not my favorite way to interact with people, though I am learning a bit at a time, and find I have to practice more than average to learn how to use new tools. 623 more words

Video Games Kill the Textbook Mod 1 EDTC 6432

In his article “Digital Natives Digital Immigrants” Marc Prensky discusses a sort of digital divide between people who have grown up immersed in technology (digital natives) and prior generations (digital immigrants). 621 more words

EDTC 6432