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Loading screen

I used the logo we picked and used the same typeface that is used in the app to write the name in and then added a loading bar to it to show what the app looks like when you first open it.

Digital Overload


We decided to call the app Venture Out. Here are a few logo designs I did for the app; started them in just black and white to make sure it worked as a logo first then added the colour later. 117 more words

Digital Overload

App Sketches

Theses are some sketches I produced to show different layouts and see which one would work best before showing it on the computer. The first image shows log in and the quiz page layouts. 75 more words

Digital Overload

Visual of the app design and layout

These are based on the chosen sketches for the layout for the app. I started by designing the look of the app just using black, white and grey to make sure it look right. 88 more words

Digital Overload

Notifications From the App

Started looking at ways of how notifications would be on the screen, as ‘Awkward Situations’ is more of a tip kind of app, we decided to add the alerts so that when there is a new tip avaliable to be viewed it’ll alert you.

Structures & Strategies