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The Making of Leviathan

Who can tame the sea beast Leviathan?
There is nothing on earth quite like him.
To meet him is to dance with death.
Even angels run for cover when he surfaces.
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The Watercooler

Deah - the deer - Painting

Glowing horns, the evening painting. +- 3.5hrs. I think glowing horns are awesome, I almost made him shoot white lazers out his mouth ala-godzilla style.



Himeviti and her Lion..
It was made with photoshop cs5  

Paint 45 Degree Angle with Brush Tool

This is an easy little trick I just learned. Let’s say you are painting with the Brush tool and need to make a 45 degree line. 41 more words

Graphic Design

iPad Series, August 20, 2014

(Words and images Copyright 2014©by Michael Kallstrom)

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