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2015 Photographic Art calendars—Flower Variety

Here is my first Flower Variety calendar:

I thought I was only going to make one Flower Variety calendar but I simply have too many favorites, way more than 12. 117 more words


Friday Flower Fiesta (10-24-14)—2015 Orchid Photographic Art calendar

What a long day yesterday….

Although the clock said it was only 24 hours, I’m pretty sure someone slipped in a 36-hour day….

I need a few more 36-hour days, but I also need advance notice of when they are going to be provided…. 79 more words


2015 Photographic Art calendars—Little Cats

I made a calendar today featuring little cats, but I have so many great pictures of little cats that I’m thinking of doing one of two things: (1) make several calendars featuring little cats, or (2) letting people choose which 12 pictures of the little ones they want on their calendar. 167 more words


Someone's missing from Photographic Art

Sadly, Julian Rey Saenz is no longer with Photographic Art by Russel Ray Photos.

I had capitalized the company as a full-time enterprise for six months, and Julian was working 20-24 hours a week. 258 more words


She was the sweetest docent ever!

If you made a request for a calendar page or a stamp and you have not received yours yet, have no fear. Demand was greater than I expected! 197 more words


2015 Photographic Art digital calendars are on their way!

I have been cataloging pictures like crazy this past week, and with the response I got from offering free calendar pages (choose month, year & picture! 310 more words


You expect me to swim in that?

I have had so many problems in the past whenever I upgraded Adobe Photoshop. Thus, when Photoshop CC (2014) was released in June, I resisted the temptation to upgrade. 157 more words