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Improvement or interpretation?

Here I needed to make some adjustments to a photograph I had taken without making it obvious, just ‘improving’ it to make it stand out more from it’s surroundings. 582 more words



The first exercise in part four of DPP dealt with the relatively simple process of correction two different artefacts that photographers come across from time to time. 840 more words


Colour cast and white balance

This exercise explores the white balance settings of the camera and different color casts they can produce under different lighting conditions. The instruction was to shoot 3 scenes under different conditions Sunlight, cloudy and open shade. 201 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

Cameras dynamic range

This exercise is to try and find the dynamic range of the cameras sensor. I shot a scene of high dynamic range in bright sunlight with dark shadow area. 90 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

Your tolerance for Noise

The purpose of this exercise is to show the camera sensors noise at all the different ISO ranges. I took shots of a scene away from the direct sunlight and starting at base ISO of 100, went through all the ISO settings. 86 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

Highlight clipping

This exercise is to experiment with the highlight clipping of images. using the highlight clipping warning in the digital camera.

The first image is when there just starts to be signs of highlight clipping in the image. 129 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

Exercise: Your Own Workflow 1

This exercise has asked me to create and evaluate my own digital photographic workflow, from shoot inception through preparing for the shoot, shooting, post production and eventual publication/dissemination of the final images. 2,140 more words