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For this exercise I decided to carry out a full editing process of a set of images of a fight night. The original number of images taken was 1298… 370 more words

Digital Photographic Practice


The purpose of this exercise is to build a basic understanding of Histograms with three different photographic scenes of low, medium and high contrast. With three images of each level, one average and one approx a stop lower and higher. 227 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

Exercise: Colours into tones part two

The aim of this exercise, is to make practical use of channel adjustment to achieve a specific effect.

Choose one of the following targets:

  • A landscape in which you emphasize the depth (Aerial perspective) by strengthening the visual effect of hae.
  • 54 more words

Exercise: Colours into tones part one

For this exercise, take or choose and image which contains at least two strong contrasting colours, for example, Blue and Green, Yellow or Blue, Green and Red. 248 more words


Exercise: Strength of Interpretation

The removal of the element of colour, and with it the implication of reproducing reality, has a useful and interesting effect on processing. Much more can be done in interpreting the tonal range. 192 more words


Exercise: Black and White

For this exercise, choose a subject, lighting condition or picture situation that you think may look better (To you) in black and white, than in regular colour. 110 more words


Project: Black and White

In the previous exercise, you would have most likely experimented with ways of degrading the colour saturation, moving the image some way towards monochrome.

Black and white suffered a gradual decline after the introduction of colour films in the 1960’s and 1970’s. 590 more words