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One Fat Quail.

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Back to school night

With summer fading and the kids already back in class it was the parents turn turn to return to school for the evening.

Digital Photography

Lake Hollywood

There are three entrances to the Lake Hollywood trail. The trail is more of a walk since it is paved. I started my walk at the Tahoe gate located at the corner Lake Hollywood Drive & Tahoe Drive. 191 more words

Digital Photography

2014 Great Reno Balloon Race-Part 3.

Part 3 will be about the flaws in some of my photos. You may ask yourself “Why would I want to see his flawed photos.” Because I think, that sometimes it’s the flaws in a photo that makes it stand out. 31 more words


A great night to be at the lake - Sunset

Yesterday afternoon I stepped out of my house to see this dramatic sky.  I ran back in the house checked Suncalc.net so I knew where the best place to set up would be , grabbed the camera bag and drove down to the local lake. 163 more words

Digital Photography

2014 Great Reno Balloon Race-Part 2.

Part 2 is called; Mass Ascension Launch, usually done at 6:45am. Why they have to be so technical about the name of the launch I don’t know. 27 more words