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Some Punchy Black and White Landscape Photos to Oooo and Aaah Over

Recently we released our newest dPS ebook The Essential Guide to Black and White Photography

So I thought it would be fitting if we had a look as some great black and white images. 440 more words


3 Essential Photoshop Tools for New Portrait Photographers

Opening Photoshop for the first time is kind of like going on your first date; your hands sweat, your eyes glaze over, you completely lose all sense of direction and time. 727 more words


Photoshop Versus Lightroom: Which is Right for You?

As a photographer, whether it be professional or hobbyist, you have several skill sets to juggle and many hats to wear; you’ll need to be an artist when composing your photo’s scene, technically proficient with your camera and settings, and in the case of professionals, an adept businessperson who can maintain a business and satisfy clients consistently. 1,490 more words


Beyond the Postcard – 14 Tips for Creating Unique Photographs in Iconic Locations

Photography has been around since the early 1820’s. Of course, back then the technology of “picture taking” was not accessible to the common person. But have things ever changed! 1,401 more words


Which Three Lenses do You Need for Photography?

Two things occurred to me When I read Phillip VanNostrand’s article The Only Three Lenses You Need for Travel Photography. One, is that his choice of lenses would not be my choice. 1,187 more words


Tips on How to Get New Photography Clients

Aaaaghhhh!!!! Why aren’t people knocking down my door to get me to photograph their most precious moments?!

We’ve all said this. We’ve all had those moments where we just don’t understand where the people are, or the ones that will pay us are. 1,012 more words