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How Connecting with Vendors Can Help Skyrocket Your Wedding Photography Business

When I started out as a photographer, I had a lot of fun and luck with connecting with vendors to boost my business. Here are a few tips to help you start or boost your wedding photography business. 886 more words


10 Common Mistakes Made by New Photographers

Whenever I teach, I get a lot of requests to review images. Over time, I’ve started to notice that a majority of the mistakes I see come from the same small group of errors that are repeated constantly, particularly by less experienced photographers. 2,001 more words


How to Reduce Noise with Photo Ninja

Reducing noise in a digital photo is a hot topic, particularly for photographers who frequently shoot at high ISOs. Even if you’re not a typical low light shooter, the temptation may arise with some of the newer digital cameras that offer incredibly high ISO speeds which still produce pretty pleasing images, even with noise.  683 more words


How to Find and Use Hyperfocal Distance for Sharp Backgrounds

You are out photographing a landscape. You have a nice foreground and background in the frame, and you want as much as possible in focus. You set a small aperture to get a nice wide depth of field. 1,502 more words


Using Filters In-Camera Instead of Photoshop

This is another episode of Adorama TV, hosted by Daniel Norton. In this video he goes over several different filters you might use in camera, and the advantage or difference of filtering in-camera versus doing it later in post-production. 81 more words


Collection of Photos that Make a Splash

A collection of photos that make splash – literally!

As summer comes to a close in the northern parts of the world let’s enjoy some of the fun that comes with water – splashing! 352 more words


6 Photography Projects to do With Your Kids

Her eyes were like saucers as joy filled them wide. You could already sense the smile that was about to land upon her face.

She was becoming a photographer like mommy. 741 more words