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5 Tips for Underwater Photography Without Spending a Fortune

Underwater photography is so much fun that it will take you to the farthest reaches of the world, inspire you to buy thousands of dollars of dive gear, and thousands of dollars more worth of underwater photography gear. 673 more words


Getting Creative With Topaz Impression

Topaz Labs recently released a new standalone image processor called Topaz Impression and I wanted to show you how it works and the kinds of things you can create with it. 982 more words


Weekly Photography Challenge – Spooky Images for Halloween

If you want to see some scary images head over to my earlier collection of spooky images here.

This is the week of all the spooks and goblins so I though it would be fitting to see some scary images too. 320 more words


Spooky Images to Scare you for Halloween Week

Are you scared yet? You should be – because this collection of images is straight out of a horror movie, designed to give you the creeps, make your skin crawl and keep you up at night!   327 more words


How to Add a Grunge Effect to Your Portraits Using Lightroom

Gina has a new dPS ebook just released – Portraits: After the Shot – check out out!

The style of side lighting (in the image below) is a great way to enhance muscle definition, and the post-production technique complements the lighting style. 920 more words


5 Tips for More Successful Event Photography Using a Shot List

Company parties. Special galas. Nonprofit fundraisers. When someone asks you to shoot one of these events, you aren’t exactly leaping for joy, right?

Corporate event photography can get a bad reputation among creatives, mostly because it sounds like an unglamorous style of photography.  941 more words


Who Are You as a Photographer?

This is a shot I did on my own for my portfolio. In other words, it was unpaid.

Who am I? This is a question that I ask myself all the time. 1,364 more words