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Tuesday's Temptation – Telephoto Lens

Sept. 16, 2014

Tuesday’s Temptation – Telephoto Lens

So what does one elaborate on about telephoto lenses, is a question worth pondering. This is a telephoto lens, NOT a zoom telephoto. 702 more words

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The Ear Plugs Day Out (part 34)

Once over the shock of Rudi and Valentine’s transformation, Magnuss noticed that something very similar had happened in one of the many alternate realities shown by the machine in which they continued to stand around in like a bunch of open-mouthed guppies… 576 more words

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Digital Photography - Planning

There are many different styles of digital photography but the basic preparation is similar. Walking/hiking is somewhere between landscape and street photography.  The basic approach is Plan, Prepare, Adapt. 828 more words

Digital Photography

Who I am by Fernando

The prompt for this project was a thought provoking one from the start! I wanted to do something that would allow me to go beyond what a simple picture of myself could tell – or rather, I wanted to say much more in one frame than a single picture would normally be able to, thus the projected collage. 662 more words

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Longing For Cooler Weather

Part of the San Diego Snowflake Series, this is “#5″

Maybe it’s just the heat getting to me, but I long for winter. Of course, winter in the Sonoran Desert (on either side of the border) means it only gets as high as the 70s during the day, so I understand if there are those of you who wish I would shut up about winter ;-)

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