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Our Ebook

Our Ebook is representative of Mike McMonagle as  musical artist.

Mike has been working with us for the whole semester and this has been a great experience for both of us. 337 more words

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Storytelling with Adam Lance Garcia - The eBook

The eBook assignment was the perfect complimentary way to end our project with Adam. Ali and I both feel that the content of the eBook would help us to be specific in areas that we couldn’t quite do so with the previous projects. 471 more words

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Our E-Book Experience

Writing the Active Mind E-Book

We find that our e-book offers the opportunity to showcase Jenn Crowell in her own words and in her own medium. 487 more words

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Composing with Kyle Rowland e-Book

We previously had to the  opportunity to interview composer Kyle Rowland by podcast and video documentary. With both experiences, we were able to catch a glimpse at composing from different angles. 381 more words

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meaniep0et ebook!

In what ways do you think an e-book showcases your artist differently from a podcast or video?

I think the ebook allowed for a lot more of our own work. 424 more words

Jim Behrle

eBook: Matt Lamont - Lawyer With A Voice

Matt Lamont eBook

We believe that the eBook allows us to provide much more information on the art form of voice artistry, as well as the artist himself. 446 more words

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Ebook Project

We believe that an e-book showcases our artist differently from a podcast or video because we were able to write a lot about her and ‘promote’ what she does. 508 more words

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