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Designing the Future of Learning: Personalized Prototypes

The next session I’m attending is “Designing the Future of Learning: Personalized Prototypes” with Payton Hobbs, the Head of the Lower School at Ravenscroft School… 513 more words


Portfolio and Projects Recap

Just a few quick links to check out some of my portfolio materials and the projects I have worked on in my past work experience. 38 more words

Rapture Fantasy Podcast

We are so proud to present to you an exclusive interview with the one and only Adam Lance Garcia, the author of the Green Lama novels. 28 more words

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Tifany and Elena Interview Mike McMonagle

Interviewing Mike McMonagle was a great success. We were worried that we may not be able to get enough specific information from him, however he is a man with many words, and our original recording was about 20 minutes long. 452 more words

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In-class Presentation of Podcasts

In the 10/8 class period, my class mates presented their podcasts to the rest of us.  I found them very enjoyable and interesting to listen to.   315 more words

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Create a time plan

1. What Tests might you want to include (what format might they take?)

2. At what point in your plan might you want to include theses texts? 32 more words

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George and Catharine Interview Mark Mariano

George: I personally liked interviewing Mark because it gave me an inside look on something that was pretty interesting to me. To be honest I learned a lot from Mark, such as how he got into the whole process, why he liked it, how he started to get into it and why he continues to do it. 367 more words

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