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Changing a photo's background in PS - Cambiando el fondo de una fotografía en Photoshop

This is the original photo.. / Esta es la foto original…

This is the beautiful new sky I chose… / Este es el hermoso y nuevo cielo que escogí.. 54 more words

Digital Processing

Learning some photo manipulation - Aprendiendo algo de montaje digital

Today I’m gonna start saying that I’m not actually a big fan of photo manipulation, perhaps because I haven’t really tried it before.. but somehow when I was learning about this I realized again it’s not as difficult as it seems. 124 more words

Digital Processing

A hairy technique - Una técnica peluda

And for this I got the task to select the face including the hair.. Something not as difficult as it seems, but it does require a lot of patience. 201 more words

Digital Processing

Imaginary Gardens, Morris, CT

Photo copyright 2014 by Susan Reinberg

Sometimes we revert to our safety zones — in this case, my altered state of mind in an imaginary garden. 8 more words

Imaginary Realms

Digital Coloring - Coloreando en Digital

This was a tricky assignment that my Digital Image teacher gave me. First, I needed to scan a photo I took with a pinhole camera with enough resolution to make it work. 236 more words

Digital Processing

Photogram - Fotograma

This is a photogram I created inspired by the movie FUR, an imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus. Then, I processed it in Camera Raw and cleaned it in Photoshop for printing. 151 more words

Digital Processing

Photo Processing

You can do so much (anything you can imagine?) to a photo using programs like Lightroom and Photoshop.  I guess because I think about this stuff a lot I just assume it is well known to everyone, but I am reminded from time to time that this just isn’t so.