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Is The Digital Revolution Becoming a Disruptive Tyranny?

‘Aside from issues of life and death, there is no more urgent task for (American) intellectuals and writers than to think critically about the salience, even the tyranny, of technology in individual and collective life. 209 more words

Alton Chapter

Democratizing Healthcare via Smartphones

From smartphone attachments that can diagnose an ear infection to apps that can monitor mental health, new tools are tilting health-care control from doctors to patients.

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How has the digital revolution affected cookbooks?

With the rise of digital publishing the traditional sense of a print cookbook has changed. Like its fiction-filled counterpart the cookery section of the publishing industry has widely expanded into the digital world but not in the ways expected. 1,404 more words

Hello Android - A Not So Fan Boy Approach

It’s about the time where my cell phone contract is up, and I am able to purchase another smartphone! For years I have been dedicated to Apple and their iPhone. 572 more words


The Digital Revolution does not change the most important thing about journalism

A most important point about the digital revolution in journalism currently under way is this: That whilst it changed pretty much everything, from paradigms of scale to the organisation of knowledge and the tools of all trades, it did not change the actual role and function of journalism. 840 more words