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Children of the revolution

We had quite a nice schedule on Monday – at first we visited Obscura Digital and our second meeting is something special, which I will get into at the second part of this post. 758 more words

San Francisco

Digital revolution

I use to believe Nokia is “connecting people” and experience proved it’s right.There must be a “Nokia” to make it happen but we should not ignore Samsung, Apple, Blackberry or many others.Alfer all we should have options but it is up to each of us to study the Offer and Create our own Oppinion.Things are never as it seems at first sight.Digital revolution: push the Button with your own Finger and make sure it is your own Choice!

Small Business Digital Marketing!

Small Business Digital Marketing

By Christine NiDhulaigh

This so-called Digital Revolution has proven to be of enormous benefit to small businesses allowing them to become competitive players in the business world in terms of marketing themselves and their brands online. 676 more words

Social Media

Book Review -Me and My Web Shadow

Me and My Web Shadow -How to manage your reputation online Anthony Mafield (2010)

I genuinely enjoyed reading ’Me and My Web Shadow’. I’m generally not one to read for leisure -I bought this book to help me with my UOSM2008 ‘Living and Working on the Web’ module – but found myself returning to reading it out of preference rather than a necessity. 343 more words


The Vogue Festival 2014

I don’t even know where to begin with this post, yesterday was literally one of the best days of my life! I was in fashion heaven, here’s how the day panned out… 369 more words


#OccupyTwitter in Turkey!

Prime Minister  Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s of Turkey has blocked Twitter in Turkey on Twitter’s 8th birthday.

8 years on, Twitter has seen some significant movements launched, escalated and executed online and offline. 241 more words

Political Babble

Video Editing

Chapter 8 of Osgood and Hinshaw’s book— The Aesthetics of Editing

Continuity, Jump Cuts, Sequencing—simply EDITING 

The underlying theme that I gathered from Osgood and Hinshaw was that editing impacts the audience in one of two ways… 109 more words

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