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Featured Job: Digital Solution Analyst

When you’re a Digital Solution Analyst who is looking for the right challenge in the modern world, it can be difficult to know where you fit. 191 more words


Internet of things and You!

You, the consumer, are at the center of a disruptive digital revolution that is being led by technology. It started with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.), got charged by mobility and smartphones (Mobile apps), and now awaits the next frontier with Internet of Things, 3D printing, wearable techs and sharing economy. 720 more words

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Digital Revolution - The Barbican ★★★★★

I visited The Barbican Centre’s Digital Revolution exhibit over the weekend, and was not disappointed. The exhibition comprised of heaps of nostalgia in the form of retro video games ranging from Pong to the first Lara Croft game, interactive scene breakdowns of SFX from films such as Gravity and Inception, as well as various art installations utilising viewer interactivity and input to create an incredibly enjoyable experience. 314 more words


Marketing - Dead or Alive?

As touched on in previously blog posts, figureheads from some of the biggest consumer brand companies in the world have made bold pronouncements about the state of marketing today, even declaring digital marketing to be… 663 more words

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Digital revolution

This week, I got the chance to see the brilliant Digital Revolution exhibition at the Batbican.

It’s a wonderful journey for those of us who grew up in the 80s and have seen computers change from the first zx spectrum and BBC micros that I experienced to the types of technology that enable films like Gravity and Inception to be made. 112 more words

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Digital Revolution Exhibition, Barbican

I feel strangely privileged that I remember a time before the internet. When using Encarta, floppy disks and MS-Dos was my world. My interest in technology probably was helped by my dad being an IT technician, where my brother and I learnt not to be afraid of exploring technology, and didn’t every think we would break it. 527 more words