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How to Resize a Display

In a previous blog, we went over what resizing is and essentially it is literally resizing a screen display to have a different resolution spec.  In many cases, it is cropping the original display to maintain the same horizontal size and reducing the vertical height. 233 more words

Industrial Open Frame Monitor

So many hardware choices, which way do we go?

Indoor wayfinding has not quite hit that point where we can turn on our phones, bring up an app, and have them tell us exactly where we are, and where we are going when we are inside of a building. 495 more words


Broadcast your message - Signage Networks

My wife keeps telling me that every time she is pregnant, she suddenly sees much more pregnant women on the streets, at work, at the mall, everywhere… I could never agree or disagree, then again she is now pregnant for the fourth time – so she must know something about it. 295 more words

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ACMS Aces: Alvin Angeles

Alvin Angeles is one of the video production experts in Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) who constantly creates engaging videos. He creates videos for campus departments through the Media Event Support recharge service. 523 more words


Retail Display Management Solutions

It is not rare at all to discover that one simple and good idea simply diverts into another idea that was not at all what one was aiming for when initially thinking of the original. 410 more words

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Hospitals moving into the Technical Stratosphere

We’ve all been in Hospitals, either as visitors, employees, or patients. Regardless of the reason, there’s always the need to find your destination, and quickly. So as we all shuffle through the halls looking up, searching for an employee to ask or looking for those vague static signs to say “Yes, you are going the right way”. 425 more words


Email or Text Your Store Review

A day spa with associated in-store and adjacent retail reminds that you WILL receive a followup email or text, with an option to review your service and satisfaction… 258 more words

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