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Always For The Win (Part II)

‘Gamification.’ The word buzzes around corporate heads like magical fireflies; and for others, like fruit flies. Is it or is it not a waste of corporate time and dollars to try and leverage individuals’ game-playing mentality and apply this potentially ‘unlimited battery’ of gusto to the workplace? 660 more words

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Building Story: A Tutorial

Jaga N.A. Argentum Community Expressions Storytelling & Design Fellow

As a storyteller I love to share my craft, with anyone but especially young people. 205 more words

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Sexy and Smart? How Hot Pics Lower Perceived Intelligence

It is no secret that society puts a lot of pressure on young women to look attractive. Research has suggested that the way women are portrayed in media has contributed to factors such as poor self esteem and even severe conditions such as eating dsorders (Gulas & McKeage, 2000). 498 more words

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Always For The Win Baby

These 9 people died playing video games. OK, hang on, I’m trying to make a point.

Think of the last time you were completely addicted to a game—like you didn’t eat. 679 more words

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What Does It Stand For

We have all looked at companies, their logos, and how they brand their products. Crafty designs, elegant script, sleek graphics. But what do they mean. I have literally been staring at the Sony VAIO logo, because my friend owns that computer, wondering what it is. 406 more words

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Are You a TingleHead? The wonderful world of ASMR


The world is divided into two types of people:

those that experience ASMR, and those that don’t!


Maybe it was the voice of your first grade teacher that initially triggered a similar sensation in you? 401 more words

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