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I’m about to do some really cool stuff on this blog. Ever heard of digital storytelling? Yeah? No? If no, check out the page above. Regardless, you should be pumped to the precarious point of possibly popping.

Digital Storytelling

Week 4 Response/Disturbing Image

Today in class, we were given this assignment to ensure that we were all acquainted with image editing software.┬áThe three of us who were working together imposed on ourselves the rule that every body part used couldn’t be see in the same place that it actually existed on the body. 224 more words

Digital Storytelling

Cadavre Exquis

First, let me quell any fears: despite its morbid name, the exquisite corpse is an innocent parlor game, and no actual handling of dead bodies will be required. 389 more words


What Storytelling means to me at the start of ds106

What do I associate with the word storytelling?

  • history and the future
  • reflection of an event or time looked at thru heart and soul
  • colors, textures, voices, music – whether it is actual or in words…
  • 160 more words
Digital Storytelling

Ctrl C, Ctrl V

There is a difference between a simple copy paste, and a diligently plagiarized paper than can fool even the most sophisticated anti-plagiarism software. That difference is Ctrl A. 509 more words

Digital Storytelling