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My Test Challenge (Full Version)

Can I learn two choreography’s for a dance group on Campus? I challenged myself to learn choreography’s for Ciara’s “Body Party” and CL’s “MTBD” !

Challenging young professionals around the world –Dorus H. de Vries

We’ve been working with business owners and c-level executives for quite some time. On top of the pyramid the vision and mission of the company is formed. 241 more words

Dorus H. De Vries

Assignment #8: Garaguso Creative Brief and Shooting Script

The focus is a branding video that entices adult students to enroll in the Soo Bahk Do Program.


The Williamstown Karate School was created by Master Garaguso 30 years ago. 690 more words

Digital Storytelling

“Return to Elwha”: come nasce un multimedia package

From: European Journalism Observatory 10 ottobre 2014

Due settimane fa, a Chicago, in occasione della conferenza annuale dell’Online News Association sono stati assegnati gli Online Journalism Awards. 1,021 more words

Using Cats for Advertising

In the 70’s ad 80’s there was a famous cat who was in a lot of advertisements. A company that creates new technology is using this famous cat to advertise their new technologically advanced products all over YouTube. 109 more words

Digital Storytelling

Lego Empowers Girls

Lego recently released an advertisement that attempted to empower girls. Often Lego is associated with boys and building cars, trucks, or other “male” toys. Emerging companies are beginning to rival Lego’s idea of building blocks so they needed to come up with a counter advertisement. 109 more words

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