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Welcome to the website for the Heinz History Center and California University of Pennsylvania HCAP Digital Stories. Honors students at Cal U collaborated with small, regional historical societies to create short videos about their collections. 21 more words

Digital Storytelling

Creating & Editing…

This week I took a stab at digital storytelling.

This was sort of a culmination of my ed tech studies over the past few months, and I was able to utilize tools discovered and talked about in this blog. 285 more words

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Digital Storytelling Can Bring the "Magic" to the Classroom

I like this TED Talk… I think digital storytelling has a place in creating “magic” in the classroom.  Adult learners need to be engaged in things that matter to them and have a chance to use the skills and information they already have in new and meaningful ways. 54 more words

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling The Student Experience

After getting a taste of digital storytelling with “I Come To School Because…” my students decided to take on a new project.  They were the first students to inhabit the new Downtown Campus and wanted to leave a footprint behind to let those who follow know what it was like and to help people understand what the building is all about. 449 more words

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling: Into the Classroom

Getting students to understand organizational patterns in writing can be illusive.  I like to create what I call ‘living paragrahs” and have students learn about organization by trying to arrange them in an order that flows together.   348 more words

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling: My First Story

Digital storytelling is a powerful communication tool that facilitates the integration of words and images. It’s different from shooting a video.  The images are pieced together like the words in a sentence. 522 more words

Digital Storytelling

Ch. 12 - What's Digital Storytelling?

Since digital storytelling is a relatively new field, there are still many definitions and uses. This article “7 things you should know about…digital storytelling… 132 more words