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Modern Day Political Engagement

In my communication lecture this week we discussed how political engagement has changed over the years from the traditional methods, to the use of online activism, for example, utilising online petitions as previously mentioned in one of my posts. 616 more words


I Just Don't Get It....

This week in my communication lecture we were told a story that really stuck a chord with me, it was about a user of Twitter who sent out a series of tweets stating that he was going to end his life. 740 more words


“Screwing around” with Datasets (Text Analysis)

I know that the ‘screwing around’ got you thinking, what the hell is he/she talking about right? Well contrary to your little dirty minds, ‘screwing around’ used in this context means to be browsing; you know when you not too sure of what you are really searching for, as… 296 more words

Data Visualization

Testing, Testing

The technical part of the project involves the use of digital technologies such as  3D game engine software for visualising built environment data from laser scanning and the integration of user generated content into these visualisations. 61 more words

Digital Literacy

In response to class discussion about Karl Stolley’s Lo-Fi Manifesto, I am wondering about the implications of digital literacy.  As we discussed, Stolley’s expectation is that Digital Compositionists need to be digitally literate, but also (as was asked in class) that users of digital compositions should also be digitally literate in order to engage properly with digital technologies.  516 more words

Reading Response: Computers And Composition - Lamanna

Every journey has a purpose

Let me explain what is this project about!

I want to ask to you to follow me in this:

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