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Learning from Others

Have you ever looked around a large conference room and wondered what take-aways are happening?  Ever fear you are missing something?  Well, not anymore!  When you use the power of crowdsourcing, you have the power to return to the learning at any time! 127 more words

Digital Footprint

"Flashcards on Steroids"

Learning Tool Exploration: Brainscape

I initially chose the digital tool, Brainscape simply because of the name, but came to find that I really like this application! 296 more words


Analogue and digital: an equal partnership

I recently published a post on the merits of improving my handwriting or “penmanship”. This had the flow on effect of triggering some consideration about my note-taking in general, which commonly occurs in both digital and analogue (hand-written) forms. 658 more words


Learning Tool Exploration 2: Turnitin

One of the problems with information abundance is that students have an unlimited amount of resources readily available. Because of this it is very tempting to submit papers written by others or even inadvertently plagiarize from digital sources. 309 more words

EDTC 6431

Leading to #independence; From students to #Lifelong learners

”Students keep asking me, how do I do this? But I’ve just explained it, for like the third time.”

”They get excited when I show something on the whiteboard, but it’s only for about as long as the class lasts. 731 more words


The trickiness of Twitter

Twitter encompasses a potent mixture of facts and rumors, raves and rants, information and emotion. The power — and danger — of these varying sides of Twitter was highlighted this week when two journalists were removed from covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after posting controversial tweets. 207 more words

Smart Contracts

Lawyers don’t like this, but more and more of their services are being digitized. It is not because digitization is better than advice given by highly educated and experienced professionals. 212 more words

Digital Tools