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Ho Ho Ho

Diane’s Daydream Designs is sponsoring Tuesday Morning Sketches so I decided to make a sample. I thought Sweet Warm Ups image would work perfectly with this sketch and I think it did!! 114 more words


"The Cigar Journal" Sketch 5

Sketch 5: “King of Cigars, With Title”

I was inspired by the King of Diamonds….

This is the final concept sketch in “The Cigar Journal” Project. 92 more words



Este fue el cartón que envié para la convocatoria de Fútbol Sapiens en el que quedé seleccionado para ser monero con ellos… espero les guste, y al menos sean medio fans del fucho (mínimo para que le entiendan).



Protect Child Privacy in the Family Courts!

Over a year ago now I started working with NYAS on stopping the media from having greater access to the family courts, now this is not because we just want something to fight about but rather because there is a whole hot of issues the government have not properly considered including the great potential for jigsaw identification. 1,068 more words


"The Cigar Journal" Sketch 4

Sketch 4: “Cigar Box, With Title”

I had fun with this one…

The cigar box, tobacco leaves, and whiskey glass were hand-drawn. The images were separately uploaded then combined in Photoshop to create this composition. 22 more words


Sinner Monster

Actual text from my inbox yesterday:

“But William, monsters didn’t used to eat people. They used to only just be nice. But they are sinners now.”


"The Cigar Journal" Sketch 3

Sketch 3: “Cigar Box Guitar, With Title”

This sketch is a symmetrical, hand-drawn depiction of a cigar box guitar. The logo has the hand-written title “My Collection” in the center. 23 more words