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Find them.. Aim.. & Fire.

Online networks are virtual communities where people share information about themselves generally with others of similar interests, with whom they have established relationships with which for the most part only exists in cyberspace. 309 more words

Social Media in the Workplace

This week our class had a snow day but the chapters that we were supposed to cover in class talked about social media and how a company can use it to get an advantage over its competition. 120 more words

The Pegasus Collective #dsmmcm1415

Our #dsmmcm1415 company (Pegasus Clothing Co) has a unique collective of artists backing the brand.

In a series of posts, I will be introducing you to each of these members in detail individually. 359 more words


Ding Dong to Taco Bell's Social Media Strategy

When you’re about to launch a ground breaking and unique app for your business, you want to create awareness of it don’t you? A great way to do this is obviously through the power of social media, one of the most influential sources of media there is in the modern era. 407 more words

Video Marketing

This week, my class covered video marketing and what makes it effective. A great example of video marketing would be the advertisement for Madden  15… 172 more words

What makes a good website and why is it important?

Why does a website need to be good? =

Your website is a reflection of your business.

The benefits of having a good website is IRREFUTABLE. 792 more words