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Mobile App - Recharge data in no time

What a simpler life. Now Optus customers, you d0n’t have to go out of your house, apartment, or whatever you’re living in, just to go to 7-Eleven or supermarket t0 recharge your phone data. 229 more words


One of the most powerful tool in social media — #HASHTAG.

A tool that links social media posts and categories posts by keywords. In other words, after using or marking #hashtag on a keyword or topic, every user is able to find all the same or similar categories by clicking the keywords or topics. 433 more words

Let's Get Into Digital Marketing!

Unlike my previous blogs that always refer to a specific social media, this post will be talking about how traditional marketing became traditional and how digital marketing is beneficial as compared to the old one. 448 more words

Revolutionize Retail Experience

Back then, retailers and consumers have relied mostly on offline media and promotion. On the other hand, the rapid change in digital media and technology has changed the way consumers live and behave. 373 more words


Like To Know It

Instagram has been a popular platform for bloggers and fashion influencers to show off their outfits and new purchases, posts which hold great influence over followers. 411 more words

A Day made of Glass: Is this our future?

‘A Day made of Glass’ is a video released by Corning in 2011 that depicts their vision of how their technology will affect life and shape our world in the future. 338 more words


Beyond Facebook and Twitter: The Full Story

In the restaurant business, developing a digital marketing strategy can be tricky. The success of your digital marketing strategy will greatly depend on your ability to effectively utilize… 171 more words