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'The Selfie Ads' and The Truth Behind the Oscar's Selfie

The “selfie”, a pop culture phenomenon, is the new face of advertising.

We are all guilty of taking the occasional selfie, some more than others, and our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter would not be the same without them. 361 more words


The Wow Factor

Businesses are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to create a buzz and thus advertise their brand/products. Traditional marketing is becoming a thing of the past, as consumers look for something original and bizzare to make them turn their head. 491 more words


The Domino Effect

As I stated in my instructional video, Domino’s are a company which has used it’s online presence to escalate itself above its competitors and cultivate a recognisable, reputable brand. 495 more words


Samsung Galaxy versus iPhone 6: Round Two 'Bend-Gate'

‘Bend-Gate’ has provided Samsung with another opportunity to capitalise on the media coverage of the launch of the new iPhone 6. The advertisement, which was released today, depicts the iPhone 6 “bowing down” to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with the caption “Bend to those who are worthy.” The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 passed the bend test, which the iPhone 6 failed. 204 more words


'The first app that pays you'- Field Agent

Following on from my trend of weekly posts that try and address an idea discussed within the previous MKF3881 lecture, this week I’m going to be talking about a way companies can get valuable information by allowing consumers to do specific activities for them and in return receive money. 335 more words

Locked doors in wonderland

Hello beautiful people, welcome back for more tales of the hijinks and tomfoolery of yours truly. This week as I emerged from the other side of the rabbit hole, I came upon a locked door. 871 more words