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Breaking Down Big Data

Is big data really such a big deal? Many digital marketers seem to think so, hailing big data as the next big thing in digital marketing. 565 more words

Selling Marketing through Marketing (Video)

Thought i’d share this:) i found it cool that this organisation is selling mobile marketing through digital marketing! Times are definitely changing! 

Peace out!

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Is social media marketing ignoring the older generation?

Social media and youth are two terms which have become synonymous with one another. Digital marketers have been utilising social media to target the technology-obsessed younger generation. 581 more words

The ‘Find Harry’ campaign: When Digital and Traditional Marketing Combine

Being the diligent MKF3881 student I am, these days anything to do with digital marketing I see, read or hear I instantly take notice! So when I was in Richmond the other week, and spotted the poster as pictured below, it peaked my curiosity immediately. 303 more words

Making 5 Seconds Really Count

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the 5 second pre-roll ads on YouTube.
You probably find them annoying; however there is one marketing company that saw it as an opportunity to help the greater good! 246 more words

Mobile Marketing: What is it?! (+How to improve Mobile Marketing Strategy)

As times are changing and we as humans becoming more efficient by the second, marketing has had to change to. We as 21st century humans rely on our mobiles for everything from news, to alerts, to organising our lives, so marketers have had to target these changing times and thus created mobile marketing. 345 more words

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Disliking the Idea of a Dislike Button

Ahhhh the good old Facebook debate… Should there be a “dislike” button?

Bret Taylor is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Facebook has made it clear that there will never be a dislike button. 177 more words