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Witches Staff Design

In designing the staff I came across the idea of including Carnivorous Plants into my project, I can’t remember how I got there but the thought crossed my mind. 91 more words


Digital Painting attempt #1

This is my first proper try at digital painting. It’s one of the potion concepts for the witch. It’s definitely not a final design, there’s quite a bit i’m ready to change when I get the chance.


Mecha Police

Finally finished this piece. I know I could have done more.. I didn’t really get what I’m aiming for this one. I shall practice more.

Ezio Auditore of the Brotherhood

This one is requested by my friend Vijay some time ago, and since I’ve always wanted to work on an Assassin’s Creed piece, it was a good opportunity wahaha. 29 more words


A Study, A Street.

I initially planned to do a quick landscape study before moving on other pieces, trying to capture light and colour with quick and less overly-careful strokes, but again there was still way too much detail that I couldn’t simply omit, and eventually I spent much more time on this piece then I intended to :/ Still, good practice I suppose. 34 more words