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Landscape studies WIP

*disclaimer: Referenced from public source.original images are not my own. *


Resting B-face.

Somehow this selfie-generation is good at communicating with their eyes, me-me-me! see me! So, looking at one of my friend’s selfie, I’m helpless but to comply. 28 more words

The Classical Nobility.

Decided to do a study of a noblewoman in a more classical manner, with a classical formal upright posture and the classically customary items on a table/chair/cabinet/something beside the subject. 15 more words


Chun Li Street Fighter Fan Art - Coloured

Hey guys! So, this piece was originally drawn by alvinlee and inked by devgear. I just added the colours! Click the links to check both of them out on DeviantArt, they do absolutely beautiful work!


I Go Beyond

-So, do you travel?
-well, time travel
-How’s that?
-I go beyond. The physical, metaphysical and delusional. You might say I exaggerate but i do get lost. 46 more words

Digital painting of Grandmother

Not sure if I want to call this done yet, I’m having trouble deciding where and how to put a signature. I’ll back come back to this later and repost if I make any major changes! 11 more words